Ikémen Vampire is Celebrating its 5th Anniversary with Tons of Campaigns


Developer Cybird is celebrating the fifth anniversary of the launch of Ikémen Vampire, a popular title in the Ikémen romance game series for women that boasts a cumulative total of 35 million members worldwide.

To commemorate the anniversary, a 5th Anniversary Special Site was opened on July 1. The special site will sequentially release information on a variety of luxurious campaigns to commemorate the 5th anniversary. In addition, a special 5th-anniversary live broadcast will be held on August 13.

Ikémen Vampire In-Game Event

The Ikémen Vampire mobile game will hold various campaigns to celebrate its 5th anniversary. This year, in accordance with the 5th-anniversary theme, “Deep Love,” a new currency called “Deep Points” have been set up in each of the commemorative campaigns to encourage players to love their ikemen vampires even more deeply.

■ Now Accepting Recruitments for 1.5 Year Anniversary Official Ambassadors!
Recruitment of official ambassadors to help celebrate the 5th anniversary of Ikémen Vampire have begun. If you would like to help CYBIRD celebrate its 5th anniversary with us, apply now!

Perks of being an ambassador:

  • Obtain a special avatar frame on 7/31
  • Post a picture of yourself wearing the limited avatar and the hashtag “#DeepLove” on Twitter with your Deep Love points for him (his favorite points). Five winners will be selected by drawing from those who post by August 14, 2022 (Sun.) to receive a newly-drawn ★5 he card of their choice. You can choose your favorite card from among the cards that have been released as part of the Diamond Gacha by the time you are notified of your selection.
  • Decide the contents of the special 5th anniversary merch via an exclusive survey!
  • Post special congratulatory messages and fan art and you may be featured in the special broadcast!
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Ikémen Vampire 5th Anniversary Cards

Beautiful cards with newly drawn 5th-anniversary visuals and gorgeous animations will appear in all character diamond gachas, divided into Part 1-3. During the period of the event, the appearance rate of his cards with 5th-anniversary visuals will be increased, so please take advantage of this opportunity to obtain one.

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Dear My Vampire Event

Depending on the number of “hearts” you receive by reading the main story and sequel or logging in during the period, you can obtain various items and also read a special story in which he asks you for words of love. Let their sweet requests melt your body and soul.

Ikémen Vampire is Celebrating its 5th Anniversary with Tons of Campaigns

Ikémen Vampire 5th Anniversary Live Broadcast Program

In commemoration of the 5th anniversary, a special program will be broadcast on YouTube on Saturday, August 13, 2022, hosted by Sebastian’s VA, Shūta Morishima!

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