Lie:verse Liars Multimedia Project Announced


Anycolor announced a new media mix project titled Lie:verse Liars, in a three-way joint venture with Kadokawa and Balcolony. The project will include an anime, a light novel series, and a comic, with more info coming throughout this month. The Nijisanji’s vtubers, Kana Sukoya, Alice Mononobe, Elu, and Lize Helesta will also join the project, providing the voices of the characters.

Lie:verse Liars’s story is spun in parallel and crossover between a comic book and a novel series that shares the same worldview and stage, but focuses on different characters. A key visual depicting the stage and main characters, as well as an announcement trailer, have also been released.

The project will be developed as next-generation entertainment content that further enhances the affinity between the cast and the work by incorporating their appearances into the design of the characters played by the lifers as “actors”.

Lie:verse Liars Announcement Trailer

Story and Worldview

The story of Lie:verse Liars begins in Morihama City, where mysterious disappearances occur frequently. In this city, young people who have awakened to their abilities are known as the Awakened. They have to take on the challenges of incidents that occur one after another due to the false world that exists behind the scenes of this city.

To combat this, the Countermeasure Organization for False Worlds, Caliburn was formed to counter the end of the world that no one can recognize. Only they, the “Awakened,” are able to cross over into the false world and fight.

lieverse liars img2

Meet the Cast

■ Tokitoki Mawaru – CV: Takahide Ishii

lieverse liars char1

■ Saki Himekawa – CV: Kana Sukoya

lieverse liars char2

■ Stella – CV: Alice Mononobe

lieverse liars char3

■ Kazawa Hanagi  – CV: Eru

lieverse liars char4

■ Haiku Ruu – CV: Yashiro Taku

lieverse liars char5

■ Kijiji Yuuki – CV: Lize Helesta

lieverse liars char6

Planned Schedule

July 24
MF Bunko J Summer School Festival 2022 distribution program

July 27
Start of a special feature article in the September issue of Monthly Comic Alive
Preliminary distribution of the first three pages of the first episode of the comic on Alive+ (in Comic Walker)

August 17
Novel serialization starts in MF Bunko J (in Kakuyom)

Autumn 2022
Comic serialization starts in Monthly Comic Alive
Web serialization will start in Alive+ (in Comic Walker) and Nico Nico Manga.

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