NIKKE Goddess of Victory Global CBT Registration Opens Now!


Didn’t you hear? NIKKE: Goddess of Victory is now accepting registrations for its upcoming Closed Beta Test! The closed beta will feature even more unique characters added on top of the previous march beta and will be available globally across Japan, South Korea, Thailand, the United States, the UK, France, and Germany.

The game also released a new promo video featuring the Central Strategic Intelligence Agency, to coincide with the announcement of the CBT!

Registrations for NIKKE Goddess of Victory’s Closed Beta Test began just a few hours ago. Players on iOS and Android will have a chance to participate in its upcoming beta, by signing up here on the game’s official website!

NIKKE Goddess of Victory Protocol Squad Promo

NIKKE Goddess of Victory WorldView

Humans live their lives expecting a tomorrow, but what happens when the end of the world comes without any warning?

In NIKKE: Goddess of Victory, humanity was attacked by an alien invader known only as Rapture. With little time to prepare, the human race was nearly extinguished in the blink of an eye, with nothing the onlookers could do but watch in horror. As the remaining humans retreated deep underground, they created beings known as the NIKKE, powerful androids with immense power, shouldering the final fate of humanity on their shoulders.

NIKKE Goddess of Victory Gameplay

NIKKE is a third-person shooter on mobile that pits players with controlling a NIKKE weapon, to fend off the Rapture. Players will need to fire at enemies while managing their ammo count, the enemy attacks, and using the right weapons for the jobs.

Each Nikke possesses a unique weapon type, from shotguns to rifles, snipers, rocket launchers, and more. Strategic use of their weaponry will allow you to dispatch foes more quickly, and in a pinch, you can execute their Burst skills to rain down hellfire on the enemy, and bring down humanity’s wrath upon the invaders.

Characters and animations are created with detailed Live 2D, allowing you to witness the full impact of the gun’s recoil on your characters, and capture their detailed expressions during battle.

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