Sasaki and Peeps Fantasy Light Novels Get TV Anime


Kadokawa announced via its official Twitter that the Buncololi-written light novel series Sasaki and Peeps is inspiring a TV anime. In conjunction with the announcement, Kadokawastarted streaming a new commercial on their YouTube, with cast reveals for both the protagonist and the girl that accompanies him.

Tomokazu Sugita will voice Sasaki, the salaryman, and Aoi Yūki will voice Pii-chan, the parrot who is actually a sage from another world. No other details about staff or cast were revealed.

Sasaki and Peeps Fantasy Light Novels Gets TV Anime

Sasaki and Peeps Teaser

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About Sasaki and Peeps

Sasaki and Peeps is a Japanese light novel series written by Buncololi and illustrated by Kantoku. The series originally began serialization as a web novel on the novel posting websites Kakuyomu and Shōsetsuka ni Narō in December 2018, before beginning publication under Media Factory’s MF Bunko J imprint in January 2021.

Our story focuses on Sasaki, a corporate salaryman whose life is constantly filled with work, and as such, every day leaves him tired and unfulfilled. In search of some companionship to fill the emptiness in his life, he visits a pet shop on a whim, not realizing he’s about to change his life forever.

After settling on an adorable bird and bringing it home…his new roommate reveals that it’s actually an incredible sage from another world who promptly bestows Sasaki with supernatural powers as well as the ability to cross between worlds. All Sasaki wants to do is use these newfound powers to live in peace and comfort, but there are more than a few colorful characters who might get in the way of that!

sasakitopi tyan vol5

Sasaki and Peeps Anime Cast

■ Sasaki – CV: Tomokazu Sugita
■ Pii-chan – CV: Aoi Yūki

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