Tower of Fantasy Gets Release Date on August 10


After several months of waiting, Level Infinite finally set a release date for its upcoming open-world RPG, Tower of Fantasy! You can also pre-download the game the day before it launches on August 9,[PDT] to ensure you get into the game as soon as it’s ready! Level Infinite also unveiled the game’s theme song, “Clan” by the singer milet, which releases as a new single on August 17.

The game even exceeded its pre-registration goals and currently has over 3,000,000 users pre-registered, granting everyone even more rewards when the game launches!

The game Launches Worldwide on August 10, 17:00 [PDT]

Tower of Fantasy Theme Song “Clan” Preview

Tower of Fantasy Worldview

Tower of Fantasy is set centuries into the future on a distant planet called Aida, where humanity migrated after Earth’s resources were depleted. This new planet suffered its own calamity thanks in part to a mysterious substance called Omnium, and the game begins after this calamity has wiped out almost all of its inhabitants.

Tower of Fantasy Launches on August 10!
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Tower of Fantasy Gameplay

Players can explore a vast alien world full of beautiful vistas and hostile life forms. All the characters in the game wield unique weaponry with different abilities at their disposal. Players can even quickly traverse the map with different vehicles, and play the game with friends to take on new and exciting adventures.

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Tower of Fantasy Pre-registration rewards

Tower of Fantasy exceeded its pre-registration goals of 2.5 Million users, and now has over 3 million pre-registered players! To celebrate the game is handing out even more rewards when the game launches, on top of all of the previous pre-registration rewards!

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Tower of fantasy worldview trailer 002

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