Tengoku Struggle -strayside- Otome Game Officially Launches for Switch


Idea Factory’s subsidiary Otomate officially released its latest otome game Tengoku Struggle -strayside- on Nintendo Switch. The game has a standard edition priced at JP¥7,150, a special edition at JP¥12,300, and an Otomate Suite Box price at JP¥19,800 containing all sorts of special goodies.

Tengoku Struggle -strayside- is an otome game by the same developers of Nil Admirari no Tenbin: Teito Genwaku Kitan and Olympia Soirée. Tengoku Struggle depicts a “complicated battle fantasy” in which sinners are pitted against each other in Asakusa, where the living and the dead are intertwined.

Tengoku Struggle -strayside- Opening Movie

Tengoku Struggle -strayside- Story

The year is 20XX.

A pact has been made between the Hell Road and the Human Road.
Asakusa has become a major tourist spot where people can meet the spirits of the dead. One day, a spider thread is lowered from the heavens, and the sinners of hell escape from prison.

Enma, the daughter of a new prison graduate, is given a chance to capture the escaped prisoners together with a trusted criminal, Ishikawa Goemon. The protagonist and Goemon descend to the human world and monitor the escaped prisoners.

They gather at the home of Shi-no-Hikuni, a former sinner in Hell, and deliver an application that cancels out their sins. What is the purpose of Ito no Higauni? And what about the future of the people who were promised heaven?

Tengoku Struggle -strayside- Otome Game Officially Launches for Switch
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Tengoku Struggle -strayside- Characters

■ Emma Rin (Interchangeable Name) – CV: N/A

A hell guard apprentice who got adopted by Enma Daio after her death at 19 years old. Having no memory of her life prior to death, she is always accompanied by her fellow hell guard apprentice, a cat soul.

Otomate Announces Tengoku Struggle -strayside- Otome Game for Switch

■ Goemon Ishikawa – CV: Taku Yashiro

Goemon died at 29 years old, known as the world’s notorious, gentleman thief in his past life. He’s now the archvillain who has fallen to the lowest of lowest hell, the Avicii, but he seems to have his reason for committing such a sin.


■ Yona Murakami – CV: Ryota Suzuki

Died at 23 years old, Murakami used to be a worker for the Murakami Navy before his death. His red hair and blue eyes are due to his mixed blood.


■ Sharaku Toushuusai – CV: Kaito Ishikawa

A young ukiyo-e painter who died at 18 years old. A spendthrift who always follows the “One spends money like water.” principle. He’s a homebody who really loves cleanliness.


■ Kikunosuke Uga – CV: Soma Saito

Kikunosuke was known as the notorious thief Bentenkozo during his lifetime, but died at the tender age of 17. Having the ability to turn into a wolf, his gluttony is the reason why he has the dire need to save money.


■ JacK – CV: Makoto Furukawa

An unknown singer and songwriter who is super popular on video streaming sites. He’s also great at writing fiction. However, his private life is shrouded in mystery. So much so, that no one knows exactly at what age he died…


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