Do it Yourself! Anime Unveils New Character PVs


The original anime featuring six high school girls working on DIY projects, Do it Yourself! Unveiled two new PVs featuring the characters Kurei portrayed by Ayane Sakura, and Takumi portrayed by Azumi Waki. The new PVs feature the characters, their projects, how they’ll go about working on them, and their dreams.

Six high school girls are each given the assignment to work on a DIY project. Unable to dodge the assignment, they each work on the project on their own time, struggling with the design and creation, but never giving up. As the girls begin to rely on each other for help or try to finish the project themselves, they come to learn more about themselves, appreciate their work, and envision the future beyond their high school lives.

Do it Yourself! is an original anime series being produced by PINE JAM. The anime is directed by Kazuhiro Yoneda, with script and series composition by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, character design by Yuusuke Matsuo, art director Yuka Okamoto, and Ryouhei Sataka on music.

Do it Yourself! debuts in Japan this October.

Do It Yourself

Do it Yourself! Character PVs

do it yourself anime 004
do it yourself anime 006
do it yourself anime 005
do it yourself anime 003
do it yourself anime 009
do it yourself anime 007
do it yourself anime 0010
do it yourself anime 008
do it yourself anime 002

Do it Yourself! Anime Staff and Production

Director: Kazuhiro Yoneda
Script and Series Composition: Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Character Design: Yuuske Matsuo
Art Director: Yuka Okamoto
Music: Ryouhei Sataka
Anime Production: Pine Jam

Do it Yourself! Anime Cast

■ Jobuko – CV: Nichika Omori
■ Kurei – CV: Ayane Sakura
■ Purin – CV: Kana Ichinose
■ Serufu – CV: Konomi Inagaki
■ Shii – CV: Karin Takahashi
■ Takumi – CV: Azumi Waki

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