Migi to Dali Suspense TV Anime Unveils New Teaser and Lead Cast Members


The TV anime adaptation of Nami Sano’s suspense manga, Migi to Dali (Migi & Dali) revealed a teaser trailer alongside the voice actors behind the lead characters, Migi and Dali. The anime has cast Shun Horie, and Ayumu Murase as Migi and Dali respectively, and the teaser trailer gives us a brief glimpse of the anime’s plot.

Migi to Dali currently has no confirmed debut date.

Migi & Dali Anime Unveils Teaser Visual and Main Staff

Migi to Dali Teaser PV

migi and dali teaser trailer 003
migi and dali teaser trailer 001
migi and dali teaser trailer 002

Migi and Dali Cast Reveal

The show stars voice actors Shun Horie, and Ayumu Murase as the characters Migi and Dali. If you weren’t aware of these two voice actors’ previous works, Shun Horie is known for voicing Aether in Genshin Impact, and Ayumu Murase is known for voicing Shoyo Hinata in Haikyu!!

■ Migi – CV: Shun Horie

migi and dali teaser trailer 005

■ Dali – CV: Ayumu Murase

migi and dali teaser trailer 004

About Migi to Dali

Migi to Dali is a Japanese manga series by Nami Sano. It was serialized in Enterbrain’s seinen manga magazine Harta from July 2017 to November 2021 and was collected in seven tankōbon volumes.

The story is about Hitori. A stork brought the angel into the lives of a middle-aged couple who were not blessed with children. His parents were kind, his house spacious, and his meals hot. But to protect the happiness he had received, Hitori continued to hide an important secret from his parents.


Migi to Dali Staff and Production

Original Work: Nami Sano (serializing in Enterbrain)
Director/Series Composition: Mankyu
Character Design: Ayumi Nishihata
Music: Yuko Semu
Animation Production: FRONTIER ENGINE × GEEKTOYS
Animation Production Cooperation: CompTown

Migi to Dali Cast

■ Migi – CV: Shun Horie
■ Dali – CV: Ayumu Murase

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