Hololive’s Minato Aqua’s Aquarium Love Novel Game Unveils Opening Movie


Entegram’s released the opening movie for the upcoming visual novel featuring Hololive’s Minato Aqua. The opening movie features the song “I’m still Blue” (未だ、青い) sang by Minato Aqua and composed by Jin, a musician who also worked on Kagerou Project and provided music for several other artists. The song’s Jacket illustration was done by the artist Riichu, and the logo by saku39

Aquarium releases on PS4, and Nintendo Switch on October 27, 2022.

minato aqua aquarium op 00 2

Minato Aqua’s Aquarium Opening Movie

About Aquarium

Every night, the mater and heir to the prestigious Francois family wakes up from a nightmare, where a girl tells him she hates him, and breaks up with him, but he has no idea who the girl is. One summer, the master is told by his sisters he should learn to take better care of, and lead people. So he is given a new maid to help with his daily duties.

The master becomes attracted to the maid, but is told they can’t be together due to her “secret work”. What lies behind the maid the master is attracted to, and can they overcome this barrier, despite how much they think of each other? The game features guest appearance from Hololive’s other VTubers, Houshou Marine and Shirakami Fubuki

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About Minato Aqua

An eccentric airhead who loves singing, and playing video games, and is probably not qualified to be a maid, Minato Aqua is a second-generation member of Hololive, Cover Co’s, VTuber idol agency. She is known by many of her fans as an onion, due to the color and shape of her hair, and has a cheery attitude on stream, but is always the butt of many jokes and is known to be incredibly shy to strangers! Minato Aqua is part of the group NEGI☆U alongside members Oozora Subaru and Momosuzu Nene.

minato aqua love novel 002

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