Fortnite x Dragon Ball Collab Begins on August 16


Yes, this is actually happening. Fortnite is collaborating with Dragon Ball Super, bringing Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus to the game! In this absolutely decked-out collaboration, you can complete Dragon Ball quests for a whole host of rewards, and purchase skins for Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and Bulma!

And of course, you can now fire Kamehameha waves at your enemies in Battle Royale game modes outside of competitive, and use the Nimbus Cloud to travel faster and fly across the map.

Go even further beyond with the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Collab today!

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Collab Trailer

Come Forth, Dragon of the Gods, Grant my Wish!

The new “Power Unleashed” quests event has begun! Complete quests to earn a variety of free in-game items, including the ki charge emotes, sprays, and more! There will be seven sets of quests for you to complete, with each set testing your skills in strength, agility, and focus.

fortnite dragon ball power unleashed challenges 1920x1080 4a71206fff87

Once you have completed all of these quests, the Eternal Dragon, Shenron will appear as your new glider! Ride on Shenron and live out the good old memories of the last episode of Dragon Ball GT!

en fortnite dragon ball shenron glider 1920x1080 d5408ed28961

Versus Boards, Fire Kamehameha’s, and Find Bulma!

The strongest fighters are always willing to test themselves, and you can do that now with Versus Boards in Fortnite!

You can now pit yourself and your rival against each other in 1v1 combat. Certain areas of the islands will have a Board available. Once you interact with the board, you and your rival will be revealed on the map to each other, and then you’ll have five minutes to defeat your opponent!

fortnite dragon ball versus boards 1920x1080 ac188d7f009b

To help with that, all players will now be able to fire Son Goku’s Kamehameha and travel using the flying Nimbus in Battle Royale! Pick up these powerful items and launch the turtle style’s signature attack, destroying everything caught in its path!

fortnite dragon ball kamehameha and nimbus cloud kintoun gameplay 1920x1080 23546e9e2854

You can also find Bulma at Kame house just off the coast of the mainland. If you’re willing to trade some bars with her, you can chat with Bulma and get some very powerful items in return to destroy the competition!

fortnite dragon ball kame house and bulma 1920x1080 c6be1251ee1d

Watch Dragonball Super In Fortnite!

You’ve heard of concerts in Fortnite, but now you can watch anime in it too! Starting from August 16 until September 17, you can watch certain episodes of Dragon Ball Super at the cruise ship created by Vysena Studios. You will be able to watch Dragon Ball Super Episodes, 9, 10, 11, 13, 81, and 98 using various island codes.

Check back in the game and Fortnite’s official website for the island codes, and relive Dragon Ball Super live with friends and players from around the globe!

Visit West City, Goku’s House, and Kami’s Palace!

You can explore the iconic areas of Dragon Ball in the new Adventure Island! Visit iconic locations from Dragon Ball, including the Capsule Corp building, Kami’s Palace, Goku’s House, and even the world’s martial arts tournament! You will be able to freely use the Nimbus cloud on this island, and if you’re feeling angsty for some fights, you can fight other players at the World Martial Arts arena!

fortnite dragon ball adventure island 1920x1080 88deb6fe7a0e
fortnite dragon ball super episode festival 1920x1080 7c94b4b35664

The Tournament of Power Arrives

Test your might at the time-limited Tournament of Power game mode. The tournament takes place in all regions on August 18 in the competitive playlist! This exclusive duos tournament also lets you use the Kamehameha and Nimbus cloud items, while giving you a chance to earn various rewards, including the Angry Vegeta emote, Goku’s Kanji Banner icon, and Beerus Eating Spray!

fortnite dragon ball tournament of power 1920x1080 86bec31cf8f6
fortnite dragon ball tournament of power rewards 1920x1080 c52854cfaabd

Become Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, or Beerus!

Available in the Item Shop are skins that let you transform into the Saiyans, Bulma, and the God of Destruction himself!

These items are available individually in the shop or in various bundles. Check out the in-game store to see the prices for these items and their bundles, and the Power Unleashed Loading Screen!

dragon ball goku in the fortnite item shop en 1920x1080 45fa0b224328
dragon ball vegeta in the fortnite item shop en 1920x1080 1a07b467a5c7
dragon ball beerus in the fortnite item shop en 1920x1080 2078d4a56204
dragon ball bulma in the fortnite item shop en 1920x1080 babc31b954ef
fortnite dragon ball pickaxes and gliders 1920x1080 f14a4602b78a
fortnite dragon ball pickaxes 1920x1080 ef7f3d3c5a57
fortnite power unleashed loading screen 1920x1080 9ea0f76e946c

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