Tower of Fantasy Reaches 10,000,000 Downloads, Unveils New Simulacra Frigg


Tower of Fantasy just reached 10,000,000 users, and to celebrate, unveiled the new Simulacra Frigg voiced by Shizuka Ito. Frigg comes with her weapon Balmung, an Ice DPS Katana that can freeze the target, creating an ice domain that buffs allies’ Ice Damage and Shatter by 25%.

The game is celebrating with the Executor Training event, giving you more rewards for defeating world bosses, and the Supply Run and Summer Breeze event giving you goodies from Swimsuit outfits, red nucleus, and much more!

Frigg joins Tower of Fantasy on September 1

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Tower of Fantasy Frigg x Balmung Trailer

Tower of Fantasy New Events

Two new events have been added to the game, the time-limited Executor Training Event, and Summer Breeze.

Executor Training lets you earn more goodies including Red Nucleus, Colossus Arm SSR Relic, and Weapon Augmentation Boxes by defeating the four world bosses scattered around the world. Team up with strangers and friends to take them on before August 29 to earn these goodies!

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You can also log in now to receive the Supply Run & [Prize Pool] Login bonus, for 10 Red Nucleus, 400 Dark Crystals,5 Seabreeze Gachapon Coins, and more! Use the Gachapon tickets to earn the additional swimsuit items and more red nucleus, and obtain them by exchanging Dark Crystals for coins!

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