Friends vs Friends is a Colorful Deck-Building PvP Shooter Announced at Gamescom 2022


Developers Brainwash Gang and Raw Fury shared a quick glimpse at their new Friends vs Friends first-person shooter at today’s Gamescom Opening Night Live. The world premiere also detailed its colorful art style and different quirks.

Friends vs Friends is an online PvP shooter that combines combat and deck building with an anthropomorphic animal theme, colorful environments, and plenty of cards on offer to help power you up. The twist on the game is that you’ll have a hand of zany effect cards at your disposal that affects you and your enemies.

You can turn into a titan to do more damage and become easier to shoot, turn invisible until your next attack, and even get vampire bullets that heal you with each successful hit on opponents. Choose a character, build your deck with crazy cards, and remember – you’re always just a friend away from a good time!

No release date is announced for Friends Vs Friends just yet, but a Steam demo will be available soon.

friends vs friends img1

Friends vs Friends Reveal Trailer

Friends vs Friends Main Features

“Quick Match” Redefined
Play with your friends or join online matching; either way, every battle will keep you on your toes until the outrageous end!

Perfect Your Deck
Unlock and upgrade cards to tweak your deck between matches to fit your playstyle (and win your way up the leaderboard)

friends vs friends img3

Choose Your Challenger
Play one of 10 characters, each with a unique ability to bring to battle… and they look cool

Practice, Practice, Practice
Try practice mode to get the lay of the land or play against AI to train up your skills

Play Your Cards Right
Adapt quickly to the cards in hand, the environment underfoot, and the opponent across the screen. The game is also planned to have post-launch content, with new characters, cards, maps, and events being updated on a routine basis!

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