Tokyo Game Show 2022 – What To Expect From Capcom


With Tokyo Game Show 2022 just a few weeks away beginning on September 15, we thought we’d get you up to speed as to what you can look forward to from certain developers, this time we’re looking at Capcom!

This year Capcom’s slated to present information on five titles. Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, Resident Evil Village, Exoprimal, Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection, and Street Fighter 6 are all going to be shown off at TGS 2022! Let’s take a look at what we know so far about these presentations, what could be revealed, and when its online programs begin!

Online Event Schedule

■ Capcom TGS 2022 Online Event
■ September 15, 23:00 [JST]
■ Duration: Approximately 50 Minutes
Where to Watch: Official Youtube Channel
Capcom Begins hosting its online program showcasing the multiple games we just mentioned in its line-up. The broadcast is scheduled to last for 50 minutes.

capcom 2022 tgs schedule 00 1

■ Street Fighter 6 Special Program
Start Time: September 16, 24:00 [JST] / 08:00 [PDT]
Duration: Approximately 50 Minutes
Where to Watch: Official Youtube Channel
Capcom is hosting a special program for Street Fighter 6 on Day 2 of TGS. The program features Shuhei Matsumoto, Takayuki Nakayama, and Kaname Fujioka, the Producer, Director, and Art Director respectively of Street Fighter 6.

capcom 2022 tgs schedule 00 2

Monster Hunter Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Sunbreak is showing the new content in store for the Free Title Update 2 in Autumn later this year. Capcom already unveiled Flaming Espinas from Monster Hunter Frontier to be part of the game’s second title update, so expect to see more rare species, and powered-up monsters being unveiled at TGS!

monster hunter rise TGS 2022 lineup002
monster hunter rise TGS 2022 lineup

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village’s segment focuses on the latest information regarding the game’s new edition, Resident Evil Village Gold Edition which is set to release in October 2022. With the Gold Edition’s content being unveiled earlier this year, expect to see more info about the new Rose story campaign, Mercenaries, and third-person mode!

Resident evil 8 TGS 2022 lineup 1
resident evil 8 gold edition 1


Exoprimal is Capcom’s newest IP, a third-person coop shooter set in 2040, with the world being threatened by a mysterious outbreak of Dinosaurs appearing out of thin air, laying waste to cities across the globe! The game was announced earlier this year at Playstation’s State of Play in march, and had a Closed Network Test earlier this year. Expect to learn more about Exoprimal’s gameplay systems, story, and possibly a release date!

exoprimal TGS 2022 lineup 001
Capcom's Exoprimal is a New Dinosaur Battling Action Game

Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection

Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection was announced earlier this year and slated to release in 2023. With the collection mostly being a remaster of the original GBA games, hopefully we’ll get to see a release date for this collection, along with any news on additional features, and possibly features to let us play Online and compete with others, or how to collect old battle chips that needed to be redeemed physically back in the day!

battle network TGS 2022 lineup 002
battle network TGS 2022 lineup 001

Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 has the entire FGC frothing at the mouth for more news, with every character reveal lighting the internet on fire, and every gameplay snippet being analyzed frame by frame, to discover any new tech the game has to offer. We’re hoping Street Fighter 6 reveals two more characters at TGS, and while a release date is probably too much to ask for, hopefully the game also announces some kind of Early Network Test so we can all sink our teeths into it!

sf6 TGS 2022 lineup 001
sf6 TGS 2022 lineup 002

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