A Certain Magical Index Imaginary Fest x Durarara!!x2 Collab is Available Now!


Square Enix’  A Certain Magical Index Imaginary Fest is collaborating with the anime series, Durarara!!x2, bringing characters from the anime over to Imaginary Fest with a new collaboration Gacha with limited characters, assist characters, and a collaboration ticket gacha!

The event adds characters from Durarara such as Celty Sturluson, Shizuo Heiwajima, Anri Sonohara, and Shinra Kishitani to the game and can be picked up through the game’s new pick-up gachas, and Orihara Izaya is available too as a free character from playing the event and logging in!

The collaboration event begins on September 1, to September 15, 23:59 [JST]

A Certain Magical Index Imaginary Fest x Durarara!!x2 Collab PV

Imaginary Fest x Durarara!!x2 New Characters

Four characters are being added to the Imaginary Fest! You can pick up Celty and Shizuo as playable characters, with Anri and Shinra as support characters.

There is also a gacha that costs 2700 paid stones which can be rolled once, guaranteeing you one of the two collaboration characters between Celty and Shizuo!

Imaginary Fest

■ Celty Sturluson – CV: Miyuki Sawashiro

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■ Shizuo Heiwajima – CV: Daisuke Ono

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■ Anri Sonohara – CV: Kana Hanazawa

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■ Shinra Kishitani – CV: Jun Fukuyama

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Free Orihaya Izaya

You can pick up a free assist character, Orihaya Izaya by just logging in to the game during the event, and also upgrade him by playing the new event stages!

Logging in will net you 145 fragments of Orihara, which you can then go into the assist characters roster, select him, and redeem him by going to his profile and clicking the “add” button!


■ Orihara Izaya – CV: Jun Fukuyama

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Login Bonuses

On top of getting Orihaya from logging into the game, you can get up to 10 collaboration gacha tickets from logging into the game! Each day you log in to the game nets you one collab ticket, totaling up to 10!


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