Teppen Jurassic Rampage Expansion Available Now


The card battle mobile game Teppen has launched its latest expansion, Jurassic Rampage on September 1.

In this brand-new expansion, players are tasked with facing hordes of dinosaurs and deciphering the conspiracy behind their appearance with the heroes of the Dino Crisis and Resident Evil series, who join beloved characters from the Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, Mega Man series, and more.

Teppen Jurassic Rampage Expansion Available Now

Teppen “Jurassic Rampage” Expansion

New Ability: Invasion

The new Invasion ability lets players move their Unit Cards to the EX Pocket. After 13 seconds, these units will be automatically deployed onto the field and the ability’s effects will activate. This is great to make a large-scale assault on your opponent. The new Invasion ability will be included on the Ancient Tyrant T. Rex card.

New Adventure Mode Map!

A quest map for the previous Island of Fear expansion will be added to Adventure Mode, available from September 22 to December 1, 2022. Players can collect Puzzle Items and new Relics exclusive to the quest. The quest music, “Transcend” from Resident Evil Revelations 2, will be added to the Soul Shop for a limited time.

Jurassic Rampage Worldview

On a remote island, an ancient, indefinite power source was recreated in a top-secret experiment, but when it went wrong, the resulting uncontrollable reaction created a rift in space-time to the prehistoric era of the dinosaurs.

To investigate these Jurassic creatures and the power source that brought them to the present day, the government dispatches agents Leon Kennedy (from the Resident Evil 4 series), and Regina (from the Dino Crisis series). They are not alone: multiple underground organizations arrive to fight for control of the dinosaur-ridden island, putting these agents at the center of a complex struggle.


Teppen 3rd Anniversary Celebration Continues!

The Teppen 3rd Anniversary is not over yet! All players who sign into the game before October 31 will receive 10 new Pack Tickets for the new Jurassic Rampage expansion.

Furthermore, two new BGMs from Dino Crisis will be added to the Soul Shop: Set you at ease and A Rowdy in Ancient Ages. Lastly, players can take on two Jurassic Missions to get new player icons: The Treasure is Mine and Plesiosaurus.

Special login bonuses will be held periodically to earn Zenny, Souls, Card Packs, and bonus anniversary event Pack Tickets. In addition, bonus ANNIVERSARY Event Pack Tickets grant one Legendary Card once the legendary charge reaches ten.

The Shiba-inu Amaterasu, Double Cyclone X, Black Zero, and Ready for Battle Wesker skins return to the pull pool via Event Pack Tickets.

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