Sonic Frontiers Unveils Details on Second Zone, Characters, and Enemies


Sega has released additional information on Sonic Frontiers, talking about the game’s second area, the Ares Island beyond the Starfall Islands, returning and new characters, and a new enemy type exclusive to the Ares Island, which is tougher than the ones found on Starfall!

Sonic Frontiers launches on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam on November 8.

*Updated Ending theme song “Vandalize” PV on Sept 7

Sonic Frontiers Ending Theme – Vandalize by ONE OK ROCK PV

Sonic Frontiers New Zone – Ares Island

The Ares Island is the second zone in Sonic’s adventure in Frontiers. Making up another section of the Starfall islands, this arid desert landscape is home to a host of new challenges, puzzles, and Cyberspace gates you can enter, offering both an open-zone experience for players, as well as more traditional obstacle course levels for Sonic to run through.

Covered in sand, these Deserts, and Rocky Mountains hide remnants of gigantic cannons and defensive walls, hinting at the remnants of a long-lost civilization. Despite this, there are also several oases scattered among the land, making for a brief respite, and a great landmark to make sure you don’t get lost.

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Sonic Frontiers – Returning and New Characters!

Sega also released a new visual for Amy, Sonic’s friend, and the local inhabitants of Starfall Islands, the Kocos! We’ll also learn a little about how Amy is able to help Sonic in his adventures, despite being trapped in Cyberspace!

■ Amy Rose
A kind girl who whole-heartedly chases after Sonic. Amy gets trapped in Cyber Space, transforming her body into an intangible, “digitized” state. In this form, she is able to converse with the Koco, and she helps the ones who are lost.

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■ Koco
Mysterious creatures that live on the Starfall Islands. They tag along with the spinning Sonic.
It seems that a lot of the Kocos are lost.

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■ Elder Koco
The leader of the Kocos who is searching for its missing members. If lost Koco are returned to Elder Koco, he will raise Sonic’s Ring capacity or speed level in return.

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■ Hermit Koco
An enlightened Koco who has attained hermithood. He is always dozing off. If you visit Hermit Koco with certain items, he can increase Sonic’s power. He can also redistribute the
Ring capacity or speed level upgrades from Elder Koco.

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Sonic Frontiers New Enemy Type – Sumo!

Along with these characters, is a new enemy type, the Sumo! This wrestling enemy will trap you in a ring surrounded by electric ropes, forcing you to fight it in one on one combat! Dodge attacks and take advantage of the arena, by slinging Sonic into the Sumo using the electric ropes!

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Sonic Frontiers Pre-Order Bonuses

You can pre-order the game now on all of its available platforms, to get bonus upgrades such as seeds of defense, skill points, and red seeds of power to make Sonic stronger when you begin the game!

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