Tower of Fantasy Unveils Claudia Simulacrum Coming on September 15 with v1.5 Update.


Tower of Fantasy unveiled the new simulacrum and weapon, Claudia and Guren Blade coming to the game in its v1.5 update.

Claudia is an executor, a melee physical damage dealer with devastatingly swift combos, and huge AOE attacks. With a base Shatter rating of 7.5 and Charge rating of 12, she can apply a grievous debuff to enemies, and buff the damage of fully charged weapons, making them deal more damage, and making enemies take 20% extra damage.

Claudia drops into Tower of Fantasy on September 15.

Tower of Fantasy Claudia Trailer

Tower of Fantasy v1.5 Update Trailer

Tower of Fantasy v1.5 New Content

New Content is coming to the game in version 1.5 along with Claudia. We’ll quickly recap the features that were shown off in the trailer.

Note that to participate, or enter the Artificial island, players will need to be at least level 50. If you’ve just started, that won’t be a problem, as Tower of Fantasy gives a 500% EXP boost to players that aren’t close to the level cap, to make catching up even easier.

tower of fantasy v1.5 009

■ New Home System

You’ll now be able to build your own homes in a new island scape. This area looks to be completely cordoned off from the rest of the world, similar to the Serenitea pot in Genshin Impact, so players won’t have to fight for space in the world. you can also populate it with NPCs and creatures you find in the world, possibly through some kind of new taming system or through purchases.

It also looks like with the additions of crops, you can grow your own vegetables and food, making food recipes even easier to create and farm for future use.

tower of fantasy v1.5 002
tower of fantasy v1.5 001
tower of fantasy v1.5 003

■ Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon

This colossal new boss being added to the game’s open world will pose a deadly challenge for players, with it being up in the sky raining down fire on players. Bring a ranged weapon, and plenty of friends or team up with strangers to take down this massive boss for loads of rewards, found on the Artificial islands.

tower of fantasy v1.5 006
tower of fantasy v1.5 004
Tower of Fantasy

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