My Mermaid Breeding Game Announced for Mobile; Demo To Be Shown at TGS 2022


Studio Sledgehammer announced My Mermaid, a breeding game where players can raise mermaids on their smartphones! The release date is yet to be determined, but a demo video is scheduled to be shown at TGS 2022, which will be held from September 15 to September 18.

My Mermaid Breeding Game Announced for Mobile; Demo To Be Shown at TGS 2022

My Mermaid is a completely new mermaid training game that allows users to build their own aquarium forming while leading a healing life with beautiful and unique mermaids called “My Mermaids.” The player, who has a special power to communicate with mermaids, will help them regain their “true power” to purify the world while strengthening their bond with each other.

At first, the mermaids cannot speak, but as they grow up, they might learn the ins and outs of human language…?!

My Mermaid Breeding Game Announced for Mobile Demo To Be Shown at TGS 2022 011

My Mermaid Characters

■ Tosakin
The Tosakin is characterized by its large flattened inverted tail. Because of the beauty of its tail, it is sometimes described as an “underwater ballerina”, swimming slowly with a delicate constitution.

my mermaid img3

■ Rhabdochromis Caeruleus
A mermaid known for its beautiful bright yellow coloration. It takes the eggs into its mouth and protects them from external harm until they hatch. It is highly territorial and aggressive.

my mermaid img4

■ Seibungyo
The Seibungyo produce a unique and beautiful color that is neither silver nor black, depending on the way the light hits them. Chinese researchers believe this to be part of their indigo-colored scales.

my mermaid img5

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