Fire Emblem Engage Coming to Switch on January 20


The next big entry in Nintendo’s Fire Emblem franchise, Fire Emblem Engage is coming, and you won’t even have to wait that long for the game to drop on January 20, 2023! You can even pre-order the game now on the official store page.

Unveiled at Nintendo Direct, the game was revealed with a three-minute trailer showcasing the game’s story, gameplay, and new signature mechanic, with players being able to embody the spirit and powers of Fire Emblem heroes from other titles, including Marth, Celica, Sigurd, and many more!

Fire Emblem Engage is slated to arrive on the Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

Fire Emblem Engage Announcement Trailer

Fire Emblem Engage Worldview

Fire Emblem Engage takes place on the fantasy continent of Elyos. A thousand years ago, the continent was caught in a war against the monstrous Fell Dragon, a great evil that was so powerful, that it required the help of four kingdoms, and heroes from different worlds to seal it away.

Now, the Fell Dragon is about to break free from its seal, weakening due to the passage of time. It’s up to you, as a Divine Dragon to once again take up arms, working together with heroes from across the Fire Emblem series through the use of Bond Rings, to take down this ancient foe, and bring peace back to Elyos.

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Fire Emblem Engage Gameplay

■ Strategise effectively to seize the day

Fire Emblem Engage brings back the classic tactical combat system from previous entries, with a much sleeker presentation.

You will now be able to get a view of the battlefield, a map, and all of the stats and weapons a unit is using while selecting and moving them during gameplay. The UI for the game even takes some inspiration from the old titles from classic Fire Emblem games in its presentation, with health bars representing the player and enemy being visible in the middle.

Strategy and tactics will be key to seizing victory, and keeping your party members alive, but fear not since the Divine Dragon, and members of the group all have a trick up their sleeves.

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■ Summon Heroes of old using Emblem Rings

Much like the war a thousand years ago, it’s time to call upon the power of heroes from different realms! Using Emblem Rings, you can assign a hero from previous games in the franchise to a character, granting them unique bonuses including additional skills, stat boosts, and attacks during combat.

The Emblems contained within Emblem Rings also have a Bond level attached to them, granting even more bonuses to the character the higher the Bond level. Certain Emblems also perform better with other characters, such as Marth granting Alear a “Type Bonus” with Divine Speed and Lodestar Rush, as both of them prefer swords as their weapons.

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■ Become one with classic heroes to powerup

If that isn’t enough, you can also become one with a hero, granting you significantly boosted stats and powerful abilities, letting you use the weapon from that hero and executing flashy, signature attacks with cinematic animations!

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■ Explore the town, shops, and talk to your friends

Similar to Fire Emblem Three Houses, you’ll be given access to a town titled Somniel during the game. Here you can explore the area, buy items from shops and gear up before upcoming battles.

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You can also talk to Emblems you have collected through earning more Bond Rings, here you can see Marth standing outside of a cathedral waiting for the player. It seems this is one of the ways you can raise your bond with the Emblems of old.

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And new to the series is an outfit and accessory system, letting you customize the look of your character in and outside of combat, regardless of their class with multiple outfits to pick from!

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Fire Emblem Engage Special Edition

Like with previous entries, Fire Emblem Engage will also be released with a Special edition called the Divine Edition, including art cards, a poster, a steel book cover for the game, and the Fire Emblem Engage Artbook.

fire emblem engage divine edition

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