Ruina: Fairy Tale of Forgotten Ruins Remake Announced for PC


Guangzhou Tianwen Kadokawa Animation and Comics, the Chinese division of Kadokawa Future Publishing announced that Ruina: Fairy Tale of Forgotten Ruins will be getting a remake release on PC platforms and will be available on Steam.

The Dengeki Online posts about the game’s announcement have also clarified that the development teams are working closely with Shoukichi Karekusa, the original creator on this remake of an RPG-Maker Classic.

Images featured are from the original release of Ruina: Fairy Tale of Forgotten Ruins


Originally made on the RPG-Maker software tools, Ruina: Fairy Tale of Forgotten Ruins is a JRPG set in a medieval fantasy setting much like its contemporaries with characters adventuring and spelunking through a ruin deep underground.

What sets the title apart from the many other RPG-Maker games made back in 2008, was the game’s mechanic of employing a text-based narrative much akin to the choose-your-own-adventure gamebooks and Table tops like DnD. The original version of Ruina has seen releases in French and Korean after its initial release and has even garnered a novelization in 2018 published by Kadokawa.

Players can choose from an array of characters with different dispositions and stats, much like its inspirations. Each selected character differs in classes just like any JRPG, but also offers a different background story with them, which can influence story beats as well. Players starting off as a disciple of a sage will be able to read ancient scriptures, whereas a child of a line of knights possesses a stronger physical body able to strongarm some problems with their brute strength when called for it.

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Party members are available to players as well, varying from mages, and ninjas to warriors that all have skills of their own that can help in a pinch. Each team member is present for different encounters, and can also change the courses of events dynamically. Choose wisely who to bring along!

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Players are tasked with making choices that will radically influence the outcomes of events and the game will answer with alternating scenarios. Puzzles are heavily integrated as well, where your adventurer will be tasked with solving riddles and treasure maps that will grant rewards if solved true.

QooApp Article RuinaFairyTaleofForgottenRuinsRemake screenshotsoriginal

What to Expect in the Ruina Remake

Ruina: Fairy Tale of Forgotten Ruins was originally only available in Japanese, but through word of mouth on the internet, overseas fans of coming together to make fan translations with vast amounts of text.

The new remake will be acknowledging the works of the community, as Kadokawa’s announcement also noted that the Ruina: Fairy Tale of Forgotten Ruins remake will be available in English, and Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) along with the original Japanese.

The remake will feature brand new scenarios and will bring about UI and control overhauls aimed to improve player experiences as well. The anticipated remake is present at the ongoing Tokyo Game Show, with a promotional PV trailer on-site at the Makuhari Messe exhibition booth. Stay tuned post-TGS as the game developers at Kadokawa will be posting more details about the remake!

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