Genshin Impact Is Getting an Anime By Ufotable!


The “Genshin Impact anime when?” jokes are finally over. You read that right, announced during the game’s 3.1 update’s live stream, the massive open-world RPG is getting an animated series produced by none other than studio Ufotable!

The announcement was made with a trailer showing off what the anime could look like with Ufotable at the helm, giving us a look at Teyvat, Paimon, Aether, and Lumine holding hands!

The collaboration between HoYoVerse and Ufotable is said to be a long-term project, so expect more news and information about the series, and possibly for the entire story of Genshin Impact to get animated!

Genshin Impact Animation Concept Trailer

Genshin Impact
genshin impact anime 0010
genshin impact anime 009
genshin impact anime 008
genshin impact anime 007
genshin impact anime 006
genshin impact anime 005
genshin impact anime 004
genshin impact anime 003
genshin impact anime 002
genshin impact anime 001

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