Samurai Maiden Unveils Live Gameplay and Release Date on December 1


D3 Publisher and developer Shade showed off some gameplay for the upcoming Samurai Maiden, a sword-fighting action game featuring yuri relationships with your ninja partners!

The showcase showed off one of the early levels from Samurai Maiden, along with the combat. While the showcase was more busy showcasing the game’s basic features, let’s take a look at some of the many details we can spot from the game while it was in play.

Samurai Maiden launches on December 1 for PS4, PS5, and Switch, with the Steam release arriving on December 8 globally.

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Samurai Maiden Gameplay Showcase 2022

Samurai Maiden features real-time action gameplay, with you slashing and cutting away at undead enemies from the Sengoku period. This level you can see below took place in the underworld beneath Honnouji, the famous castle where Nobunaga Oda was betrayed.

Samurai Maiden
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During combat, you will have three support characters helping you, with one being out on the field at a time. These support characters will fight with you during battles, using unique tools and abilities for certain scenarios, like one character that has a mechanical arm that can be used to pull enemies out of the air.

Each of these allies will have a blue gauge that can be filled up by defeating enemies, and once full you can unleash their powerful skills, which can damage all enemies on the screen at a time, or pull a pesky flyer out of the air!

The game also seems to feature a bond or relationship system. Whenever you defeat enemies the active partner gains hearts. Perhaps in the final release this could unlock more scenes with that character, or be a sort of experience point system, where the more hearts they gain, the more powerful they become.

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Samurai Maiden is definitely not afraid to show off its fan service. Whenever Tsumugi takes a certain amount of damage, her clothes begin to rip and become dirtier, which also becomes reflected in any cutscenes or special attacks she performs.

TGS 2022 samurai maiden showcase 10

Tsumugi also has access to strong power-up ability. As you fight enemies and take damage, Tsumugi builds up a meter that the devs called a “Kissing meter”. When the meter fills up and you press L2 and R2, the game plays a cutscene where Tsumugi and the active partner kiss!

After they kiss, Tsumugi’s weapon becomes empowered with that partner’s element, increasing her attack power dramatically.

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TGS 2022 samurai maiden showcase 9

We also got a look at some more characters featured in the story, and sure enough, the game takes place during the Sengoku period, with gender-bent versions of the famous strategist, Shingen Takeda, and her rival Kenshin Uesugi!

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Samurai Maiden Early Purchase Bonus

If you pre-order the game, you’ll receive an early purchase bonus of a sailor “Gal” outfit for Tsumugi, giving her tan and blonde hair!

The gal outfit is available to early purchasers on the physical, and digital release. The physical release will also get an MP3 download code for the song’s Opening, and Ending theme song, performed by the voice actresses of the main characters!

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