Megaton Musashi X Unveils New PV and Release Date on December 1


Jump and Level 5’s Megaton Musashi X now has an official launch date! This Japanese-only mecha hack-and-slash title and versus game unveiled its release date of December 1 in Japanese markets earlier at Level 5’s TGS 2022 show.

The game also revealed the addition of two new mechas from popular anime, including Mazinger X and Getter Robo as playable mechas!

Megaton Musashi launches on PS4, PS5, and Switch on December 1.

Megatan Musashi X PV2

Megaton Musashi Lab Tokyo Game Show 2022

About Megaton Musashi X

Megaton Musashi is a multi-media franchise created by Level 5, beginning as an anime series and being adapted as well into a series of games.

Several years ago, 99.9 % of the human race was wiped out by mysterious aliens, known only as Dracters. Burrowing deep into the earth to escape their aggressors, humanity had no choice but to wait in fear, for the day they will be wiped out. The inhabitants of Ixia had their memories wiped, and live in peaceful ignorance of what had truly happened. However, some children of Ixia, the chosen ones are selected to become pilots to fight off the Dracters, piloting giant mechanized suits known as Rogues. And a new pilot has been selected…

In the game you’ll take on the role of a pilot, battling enemies from the series in large-scale battles with enemies that take up the size of an entire map. You can also engage in PVP modes after you have customized your mecha completely from the ground up with swappable parts, and try to claim victory!

Megaton Musashi X
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