Netflix Unveils Sonic Prime Animated Series Debuting in Winter 2022


Netflix released a teaser trailer unveiling Sonic Prime, a new animated series exclusively on Netflix.

The teaser trailer features Sonic, Shadow, and Eggman, with a cameo from Big the Cat, suggesting more cameos. The series looks to feature Eggman back at it trying to take over the world by obtaining great power, with Sonic ready to stop him!

You can watch Sonic Prime exclusively on Netflix when it debuts in Winter 2022.

Sonic Prime Official Teaser

Sonic Prime Teaser Trailer
sonic prime netflix 006
sonic prime netflix 005
sonic prime netflix 004
sonic prime netflix 003
sonic prime netflix 002
sonic prime netflix 001

About Sonic Prime

Sonic Prime is an eight-episode animated series, with the first episode lasting 40 minutes, and the rest lasting 20 minutes. The series will apparently feature sonic in a “strange new multiverse” as Sonic sets out to save multiple universes, and his own while going on a journey of self-reflection and growth.

The show features Deven Mack as the new voice of Sonic for this series, with other voice actors for Sonic in games and movies continuing their roles. The series is being animated by Wild Brain studios and Man of Action entertainment, though it’s not sure yet how many and which specific staff members are working on the show.

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