[Qoo Anime] Eat Dazai and Chuya at Bungo Stray Dogs Cafe



Bungo Stray Dogs has crossovered with Japanese anime-themed coffeehouse chain Animate Cafe to launch a limited period cafe in Hong Kong. Although it does not offer a wide variety of drink choices, it does offer edible Dazai and Chuya – which is more than enough to fans!

The small cafe has two menus only: a special menu and a customised drink menu. The special menu provides preset drinks that are made according to the characters’ distinguishing features.

17062108521367▲ Special menu

Chuya’s Secret Collection Non-alcoholic Sangria: a mixture of grape juice, blackcurrant juice and lemon syrup, with some sourness from fruits like kiwi, orange and blackberry.

Yukichi’s Silver Wolf Tea: a snack set consisting of a cup of green tea, a piece of mochi and cookie.

Akiko’s Murdurous Acidic Drink: together with cream and syrup, this lactic acid drink is anything but murderous!

Ranpo’s Riddle Coffee: the caramel latte is covered by a cookie that has Ranpo’s riddle printed on top, do try finishing the riddle before drinking!

Fyodor’s Wicked Man Tea: this Russian tea that shares the same origin with the character also has a piece of white chocolate that matches the character’s hat.

Francis’ The Secret To Success Energy Drink: if energy drink alone does not provide enough boost, how about with an extra scoop of vanilla ice cream with fancy gold sprinkles?

Dazai’s Detergent Cola: it’s not really detergent, it’s just a cup of coke wrapped in bandages.

Ougai’s Non-Alcoholic Cassis Mojito: a fresh Summer drink with the combination of Soda, blackcurrant syrup, mint and lemon.

17062108531387▲ Customised drink menu

The customised drink menu allows customers to mix and match: first choose the base from four flavours including milk tea, chocolate, coffee and green tea latte, then choose either tapioca balls, mesona or agar as the topping. Another two flavours on this menu are mango smoothie with coconut milk and chocolate smoothie.

The fun part about these drinks is that customers can eat, lick and drink the character of their choice! Each drink is topped with graphic cream that has the character’s face printed on it with edible powder. It is so hard to put a straw there and destroy such beautiful faces, to be honest.



And there is no need to worry about the taste. The powder is flavourless!


Every cup of drink comes with a paper beverage coaster. The coasters are made specially for this crossover, so this is a rare chance to collect all the characters in butler and maid design! Unfortunately, they are given out randomly, which means it will take a long long time to catch them all.


Beside drinks, the cafe also sell a bunch of adorable crossover exclusive merchandises.




Youme Cafe Stand 


Address: Satay King, 2/F, In’s Point, 530-538 Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong
Opening hour: 11:30 – 22:00 (GMT+8)
Duration: 31st May, 2017 – 29th June, 2017

★ The merchandise must be bought with at least one purchase of any drink.