Tsuyokute New Saga Light Novel Gets TV Anime Adaptation in July 2023


ABC Animation recently confirmed that the Tsuyokute New Saga light novel series by writer Masayuki Abe will be receiving a TV anime adaptation next year. The anime is set to debut in July 2023.

Alongside this announcement, the main staff and cast were also announced. Norikazu Ishigooka is directing the anime at Sotsu Co., Ltd., Makaria, and Yokohama Animation Lab. Nilitsu is drafting the original animation character designs and Atsushi Asahi is credited for the character designs. Kenta Ihara is in charge of the series scripts. Shachō and Hironori Anazawa are composing the music.

Tsuyokute New Saga Light Novel Gets TV Anime Adaptation in July 2023

The story of Tsuyokute New Saga is set in a world laid waste by a demon invasion. After having defeated the Demon King, at the cost of an arm, a leg, and all his comrades, Kyle was slowly dying. Within the Demon King’s chamber, he notices the strange crystal which the Demon King had protected and decides to grab it.

Then, a bright light envelops the room, which sends Kyle back into the past; four years back to be more exact, and so, hellbent on preventing the casualties which occur during the Great Invasion, he vows to become stronger than before.

Tsuyokute New Saga Teaser Trailer

tsuyosaga PV 01
tsuyosaga PV 02
tsuyosaga PV 03
tsuyosaga PV 04

Tsuyokute New Saga Cast

■ Kali – CV: Yūma Uchida

tsuyosaga chara 02

■ Seran – CV: Hiro Shimono

tsuyosaga chara 04

■ Lise – CV: Fairouz Ai

tsuyosaga chara 05

■ Urza – CV: Asami Seto

tsuyosaga chara 01

■ Sildonia – CV: Minami Takahashi

tsuyosaga chara 03

Tsuyokute New Saga Staff

Original Work: Masayuki Abe (Alpha Police)
Original Design: Fuse Ryuta
Manga Adaptation: Jun Miura
Anime Character Design: Niritsu
Director: Norikazu Ishigooka
Series Composition: Kenta Ihara
Character Design: Atsushi Asahi
Music: Shachō and Hironori Anazawa
Animation Production: Sotsu Co., Ltd., Makaria, and Yokohama Animation Lab.

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