Dosa is a Korean Mobile Action-RPG Coming in 2024


Korean game studio RP5 Entertainment announced a new mobile game project titled DOSA, a Korean-fantasy-themed action RPG featuring fast-paced, combo-centric combat, loads of enemies, big numbers, and flashy attacks!

Dosa looks to be a character action game where you can unlock various characters with a diverse move set to battle against enemies. With the game featuring heavy damage numbers and an emphasis on combat, it may also feature a system to let you further build your characters with unique weapons and gear.

While the game is still in early development, the company is looking to show more of the game at the Korean exhibition G-Star 2022, so stay tuned to learn more about this exciting mobile title!

Dosa Announce trailer

About Dosa

Dosa is an upcoming new character action-RPG coming to mobile! From the game’s camera angle and action-focused combat, you can think of this as a Korean take on the Diablo formula, with loads of enemies on screen at a time, various characters, and weapons with unique combat skills to string together combos for huge damage.

The trailer showed off three new characters, though since the game’s visual features seven characters, there will likely be seven total playable characters on launch. One feature the game showed off was what looked like the ability to control up to three characters at a time!

Near the end of the trailer, you can see multiple characters battling it out in some kind of virtual arena, with the camera panning and changing between each character, suggesting a unique mode where you can bring in a squad of your favorites. Hopefully, this means the game may even have some kind f online component to let you beat on enemies with your friends!

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