Path to Nowhere Tier List – Best Sinners to Reroll For


Path to Nowhere is a mixture of tower defense and strategic RPG that was previously only available to players in China, but this title by AISNO Games is now accessible with its recently released global version!

Unlike traditional tower-defense gameplay, Path to Nowhere allows players to move their Sinners around the battlefield after deployment, opening up different hit-and-run tactics that aren’t commonly seen in other titles within the genre. Alongside beautiful character art, a fully dubbed main story, and a sleek UI to set the tone of the dystopian atmosphere, Path to Nowhere is set up to impress the competition!

Whether you’re a newbie to the strategy genre or have plenty of experience, having the right characters can open up new ways to complete levels or progress quickly through the game. Our Path to Nowhere Tier List will provide recommendations on who to aim for and invest in as you begin your journey into the game. However, keep in mind that these characters may not work for all situations and strategies, so it’s best to use your own judgment!

Is Reroll Necessary?

Short answer: no, unless you have plenty of time. Rerolling in Path to Nowhere is tedious, as you are forced to use a social media account to log in and begin playing, and progress is separate for each of the three available servers. Players are also required to complete up to 1-4 in order to obtain the pre-registration rewards, which takes around 10 minutes or longer depending on loading times.

On the other hand, quite a few low-rarity characters in Path to Nowhere are used regularly to complete content, and one of the best characters is given for free to any player who completes their Beginner Missions! However, if you’re still determined to reroll, then this Path to Nowhere tier list will hopefully serve as a guide to get ahead.

SS Tier

[S-Rank] NOX

The ‘Grim Reaper’ has amazing damage output and crowd control, as her Ultimate deals high amounts of damage to all enemies in front of her! NOX also deals more damage with every enemy she kills, while simultaneously decreasing the defense of any enemy on the field. Clearing waves of enemies is a breeze with her, and she can be earned through the Beginner Missions, allowing any newbie to take advantage of her amazing skillset.

Path to Nowhere Tier List - Best Sinners to Reroll For

[S-Rank] Bai Yi

Looking ready to bring the pain with her twin blades, Bai Yi is a Core breaking machine with her Ultimate skill. She can also increase her critical hit rate by using this skill, allowing this fearsome lady to quickly dart around the battlefield and assassinate any troublesome enemies with little effort.

image 1

[S-Rank] Langley

This classy Sinner is ready to take on anything that stands in her way with her powerful auto attacks and an Ultimate that can blast enemies in a 3×3 area and destroy their Core! Langley also has a longer attack range unlike most ranged units, ensuring she has the advantage over any enemy in her crosshairs.

image 2

[S-Rank] Hamel

Hamel is the premier Healer in Path to Nowhere, being able to heal all allies around her at the expense of being unable to attack or block any enemies, and her Ultimate strengthens her healing ability even further. As you cannot redeploy or replace any characters that fall during battles in Path to Nowhere, keeping your allies healthy is important to success!

image 3

S Tier

[S-Rank] Zoya

The leader of the West District Legion is an all-around juggernaut, with good damage, HP, and attack speed. However, she truly shines when she activates her highly-damaging Ultimate, inflicting Terror on enemies around her and empowering her auto attacks sky-high!

image 4

[S-Rank] Eirene

This chess master’s powerful magic takes on different effects depending on the enemy she’s using it on and can break Cores as well. Her Ultimate is a large AOE regardless of what form it takes, and becomes even stronger when other allies use their Ultimate skills near her!

image 7

[A-Rank] Ariel

Players who were unlucky to obtain Hamel can still solve their healing needs with Ariel, as her Ultimate deploys a small square AOE in a targeted area to grant a potent healing over time effect to all allies inside. She can also attack enemies, and block enemies in a pinch.

image 5

[A-Rank] Luvia Ray

Luvia Ray is a unique magic DPS in the character roaster of Path to Nowhere, as she can swap her auto attacks between a strong single-target attack and a bouncing-chain attack that assists with crowd control. Her Ultimate also increases her Attack Speed, ensuring she can mop up waves of enemies in no time.

image 6

A Tier

[A-Rank] Hecate

Your very first Sinner is a great magic DPS, being able to break Cores and damage multiple enemies with her Ultimate skill. She is also easy to max out, as multiple copies of her are given by completing the game’s main story.

image 9

[B-Rank] Che

Don’t be fooled by the look of this unassuming Sinner, as he’s an excellent choice for many new Path to Nowhere players. His Ultimate is an attack in a small area in front of him that hits every enemy within range, breaks Cores, and applies a special debuff that increases the damage he deals to them. However, he will begin to fall behind other, more powerful Sinners due to his low rarity.

image 8

[B-Rank] Labyrinth

Labyrinth the robot maid is a budget version of Bai Yi, being able to dart around the battlefield and destroy any Cores that empower enemies. With enough investment she can reset her Ultimate if she breaks an enemy Core, allowing her to easily spam it in an emergency.

image 10

B Tier

[S-Rank] Summer

This tech genius is a machine gun under her Ultimate, as she and her drones can quickly deplete enemies with the Attack Speed boost it provides. Summer is unremarkable outside of her Ultimate, which doesn’t provide any sort of crowd control, and lacks the ability to break Cores.

image 11

[S-Rank] Demon

Despite his namesake, Demon is a guardian on the battlefield that provides powerful shields to himself and his allies based on his maximum HP. However, shields aren’t always necessary for his allies, and there are lower rarity options that can defend choke points just as well as he can.

image 12

[A-Rank] Pricilla

The Phantom Thief “Rabbit” is a lower rarity version of Summer with her powerful autos. She unfortunately also suffers from the same setbacks that Summer does, as she is unremarkable outside of her Ultimate and needs some investment to shine.

image 13

[A-Rank] Pacassi

Pacassi is a good beginner’s choice, as she has decent stats and her Ultimate is an AOE that inflicts damage over time to enemies inside the area around her and can break a Core. However, she will fall off once enemies become too bulky for her Ultimate to be meaningful and have many Core segments.

image 14

Path to Nowhere is a Gem in the Strategy Genre!

AISNO Games’ newest release is shamelessly edgy, from the core aspects of gameplay, and to the nitty-gritty details; each character has their own mugshot, and swears are prolific despite the censoring. The levels aren’t too difficult to ease you in but are engaging as strategies need to be formulated to combat new enemies that show up. Path to Nowhere is an excellent game to try out, and players interested in strategy, the aesthetic, or looking for a challenge will have an amazing experience at every level.

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