D4DJ Groovy Mix JP x Den-On-Bu Collab Available from November 3


The Japanese server of D4DJ Groove Mix has begun a collaboration event with Bandai Namco’s multimedia music project Den-On-Bu titled “Den-On-Bu×D4DJ Dual Anthem -New Groovy-” on November 3. Get your groove on this collaboration period with exclusive character cards, newly added tracks, decorative club items, and login bonuses!

Den-On-Bu × D4DJ Dual Anthem -New Groovy- Exclusive Items

Play Live Shows to collect Event Points and BINGO Medals. Participate in the event and collect event-exclusive club items to decorate your own abode!

Collect event points can also unlock episodes of the Event Story, featuring the Den-On-Bu and D4DJ characters.

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D4DJ Groovy Mix JP x Den-On-Bu Collab Gacha

The event will also feature a limited-time gacha banner that features the D4Dj girls alongside various Den-On-Bua members. Gacha banners will last from November 3, 12:00 [JST] to November 11, 11:59 [JST]. Don’t miss this chance to win these SP rarity cards!

■ SP [Anthem of Dawn] Aimoto Rinku (+# Hidaka Reina)

QooApp Article D4DJGroovyMixxDenOnBu GachaCards 1

■ SP [Do you Even DJ?] Ohnaruto Muni (+# Sakurano Mimito)

QooApp Article D4DJGroovyMixxDenOnBu GachaCards 2

■ SP [Itadaki Babel] Kaibara Michiru (+# Kurogane Tama)

QooApp Article D4DJGroovyMixxDenOnBu GachaCards 3

■ SP [CHAMPION GIRL] Yamate Kyouko (+# Houou Karin)

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Collaboration Songs Added Everyday

Four songs from the Den-On-Bu Project will be added to the game as playable tracks everyday!

■ November 3 12:00 [JST] “Bakuretsu Thaumazein (Prod. ChibaNyan)
■ November 4 18:00 [JST] “IAM
■ November 5 18:00 [JST] “Hyper Bass”
■ November 6 18:00 [JST] “pop enemy (Photon Maiden Cover)”

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D4DJ Groovy Mix JP x Den-On-Bu Collab Login Bonus

Log in the game every day from November 3 to win energy drink items and more for the 7day period the event goes for. Don’t miss out!

D4DJ Groovy Mix

About Den-On-Bu

“Den-On-Bu” is an authentic dance and music project, which aims to present “an encounter experience with new content” to the audience.

The project is set in the near future and electronic music becomes the main music culture of the world. The technological advancement brings a brand-new music world and the rise of a group of charismatic superstars, known as “DJs”.

Illustrator Mika Pikazo is credited as the character designer of the project, which centers on 12 high school girls in 4 units. The cast includes several idols, musical artists, and Vtubers!

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