eternal voyage Announced URADOL Multimedia Project Centering the Two-Faced Idols


During a stage event of today’s Animate Girls Festivals, eternal voyage announced URADOL, a brand-new multimedia project that centers on the idol group SPYAIM. But they are no ordinary idol group, as it was formed by three members with two totally different faces – Omote (the public face) and Ura (the private face).

From left: Nobuhiko Okamoto, Wataru Hatano, KENN, and Tomoaki Maeno during the stage event at AGF 2022

The stage event also revealed six cast members for the project, including the three members of SPYAIM; KENN as Keisho Isumi, Tomoaki Maeno as Ranma Fujisaki, Wataru Hatano as Lui Usami.

Nobuhiko Okamoto is voicing Kaede Ijuin, the agency’s director and the mastermind behind the idol group. Shugo Nakamura is the idol group’s hair and makeup artist Yuiji Natsuhara, Shun Horie is voicing Hajime Kirigaya, a screenwriter who is in charge of the script that the SPYAIM members have to follow.

eternal voyage Announced URADOL Multimedia Project Centering the Two-Faced Idols

The URADOL project features characters designed by Shiro Yamada, who was known for her work in Ikémen Sengoku and Ikémen Vampire. Azuma Ryo is directing and writing the scenario for the project. Haruka Takahashi is credited with the general design.

URADOL’s first CD “URADOL Stage/opening” will release on January 27, 2023. The CD will include a special drama featuring the six cast members. The official site of URADOL is also holding a first impression voting event, where you can vote for your favorite members of SPYAIM until November 30.

uradol no1

URADOL Theme Song “Bright” MV

URADOL Synopsis

Rookie idol group SPYAIM has a goal that must be achieved 10 years from now – a concert in the Tokyo Dome packed with fans.

“It won’t come true,” Even though everybody said that you won’t know the results after trying.

Wouldn’t it be nice to draw your dream big? If we don’t dream, nothing will start.

That said, we actually… has a “secret” that must never be known by fans.

URADOL Characters & Cast

■ Keisho Isumi – CV: KENN
SPYAIM’s immovable center. He has attracted many fans with his soft and elegant tone and smile. Joined “SPYAIM” after being personally scouted by the agency’s director while working part-time as a courier.

He is a party person, who loves hanging around in clubs and joining parties. He is also a modern-day Yankee who rides around with his local friends and flashy lovers. He loves girls but vows not to touch his fans. It is his daily routine to wake up and smoke while listening to trendy EDM to raise the tension.


■ Ranma Fujisaki – CV: Tomoaki Maeno
The King of “SPYAIM”, who is always confident and dictatorial, while fans called him “Ranman-same”. He is talented in both singing and dancing, giving him popularity among fans.

When he is off, he is more serious than anyone else and hates to go against public order. He was originally an accountant at the talent agency who just want to earnestly do his job. But as the agency faced a bankruptcy crisis, he is forced to become an idol by the order of the director, Ijuin.


■ Lui Usami – CV: Wataru Hatano

The younger brother of “SPYAIM”! His kawaii performance gets right into the pockets of older audiences. But under his cute face, he is actually a 33-year-old ojisan, who loves beer and horse racing.

He has a calm personality with a common sense of an adult. He used to be an actor’s manager of the agency but was forced to become an idol by the order of Ijuin.


■ Kaede Ijuin – CV: Nobuhiko Okamoto
Representative director and president of the long-established entertainment agency evolu. He is always aloof and playful, contrary to his neat and wise appearance. He has a unique way of speaking that is pretty much like a high school girl.

Although he took over the management from his father and became the president, he pushed the agency into bankruptcy in less than two years due to his unconventional behavior. His aim is to help “SPYAIM” to become a popular idol group and bring them to hold a concert filling the Tokyo Dome in 10 years.


■ Yuiji Natsuhara – CV: Shugo Nakamura
The Hair and makeup artist of the entertainment agency evolu. He is tall and very handsome with a mysterious and sexy aura. However, the reality is that he loves himself to death and is a slightly dangerous narcissistic boy.


■ Hajime Kirigaya – CV: Shun Horie
The screenwriter of entertainment agency evolu. He is the one who creates the settings, stories, lines, etc. of the “SPYAIM” members.


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