Little Noah: Scion of Paradise 3rd Free Update Adds 100+ Voice Lines and More


Following the first and second DLC packs featuring costumes from Princess Connect! Re: Dive and Uma Musume: Pretty Derby, Cygames announced that Little Noah: Scion of Paradise is launching a third free content update on November 15.

The free update will add a whole bunch of voice clips from the titular Noah as she progresses through the game. While the game did feature some line reads here and there in the previous versions, this update boasts over a hundred separate voices for the rambunctious little alchemist voiced by Ayana Taketatsu.

In and out of the ever-changing dungeon ruins, Noah will always have something to chime in during gameplay with the new update. See for yourself what Noah has to say!

Little Noah

Additionally, as a small bit of quality of life, the game now designates any unfamiliar Lilliputs and accessories Noah hasn’t acquired before. A “NEW” icon can be seen now for these, making it much easier to fill out the encyclopedia since the game features a whole slew of different items to collect.

Little Noah: Scion of Paradise
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Little Noah: Scion of Paradise On Sale Soon

In tandem with the new update, Little Noah: Scion of Paradise will also be going on sale on the Nintendo eShop as well as Steam. The announcement unfortunately did not list a PS Store sale as of this writing.

Other than the base game going on sale, a separate Special Edition including the base game and its DLC 1+2 Pack will be on sale as well!

*Sale Period for each platform varies and is subject to change
■ Nintendo eShop: November 21, 23:59 [JST]
■ Steam: November 22, 2:59 [JST]

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About Little Noah: Scion of Paradise

Little Noah: Scion of Paradise takes players on a dungeon-crawling journey as Noah, a self-proclaimed alchemist, crashes her airship onto a mysterious floating ruin. In need of repairs for her ship and driven by curiosity, she enters the ruins ready to take on foes armed with her powers to call upon magical creatures called Lilliputs. Join Noah as she ventures deep into the ancient ruins happening upon treasures, an amnesiac cat, and unraveling the mysteries that lie within the ruins.

Banging out a 94% Positive Review Score on Steam as of this writing, Little Noah: Scion of Paradise has been well received by fans alike with the simplistic yet addictive rogue-like dungeon-crawler gameplay that leaves room for player creativity with its unique combo-building system!

Little Noah: Scion of Paradise is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam.

Cygames' Little Noah: Scion of Paradise Roguelite Action Game Out Now on Switch, PS4, and Steam

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