Tears of Themis “Redolent Nonage” Event Celebrates Luke’s Birthday This November


December 5 is Luke Pearce’s birthday and that’s why HoYoverse is holding a “Redolent Nonage” event to celebrate this male lead of Tears of Themis!

This November event will include a brand new SSR birthday card, and a rerun of last year’s SSR and Invitation! The event also includes Travel Wishes and other exciting activities. Players can participate to obtain limited-time cards, Invitations, furniture, level-up materials, exclusive phone call, exclusive text message, and many other rewards.

Tears of Themis – Luke’s B-day Event PV

Tears of Themis “Redolent Nonage” Event

In this limited-time event, players can accompany Luke to complete Travel Wishes in the Wish List. Players can visit the shopping street, purchase little trinkets, savor the sweet congee of childhood, return to campus for an open class, attend a photography exhibition, ride a swan boat together, and more!

Enjoy the bliss and tranquility of daily life. During the event, players can complete limited-time birthday tasks to obtain the R [Prepared] Luke Pearce card, and you can complete Travel Wishes to obtain the birthday-limited [Redolent] outfit, [Luke’s Bedroom] background, the [Redolent Nonage] event commemorative badge, and other exclusive rewards.

Log in during the event period to also receive Luke’s birthday text message and phone call. Don’t miss out on these sweet and exclusive gifts!

Shadow of Themis – Redolent Nonage

In this new Shadow of Themis, you’ll be able to obtain the new SSR [Dark Swirl] Luke Pearce!

■ SSR [Dark Swirl] Luke Pearce – CV: Kaji Yuki

“Affection grows between childhood sweethearts as they part and reunite. Preserve these moments of happiness, found in the little things in life.”

Tears of Themis “Redolent Nonage” Event Celebrates Luke's Birthday This November
tears of themis luke birthday 2022 img2

Shadow of Themis Rerun – Luke All Year-Round

During this reprinted Shadow of Themis, the SSR [Warm Embrace] Luke Pearce will have an increased draw rate! So if you missed him the first time around, now’s your chance to get him once more!

■ SSR [Warm Embrace] Luke Pearce – CV: Kaji Yuki

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tears of themis luke birthday 2022 img8

Tears of Themis Birthday Preparations – Luke Pearce

From November 26 to November 29, special missions will be available to prepare for Luke’s birthday event! By completing these limited-time tasks, you can receive S-Chips, Stellin, and many other rewards.

tears of themis luke birthday 2022 img3

Tears of Themis Birthday Invitation and R Card Rerun

Both the R [Quietly Waiting] card and the [No Doubts] limited-time invitation will be reprinted. During the event, Attorneys can head to the Trace of Tears Exchange Shop and use Trace of Tears to exchange for Luke’s Birthday R Car for a limited time.

As for the Invitation, players can purchase it from the Cosmetics Mall for a fee.

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