Shueisha Games’ The Tower: To the Bottom, SOULVARS, and More Showcase Playable Demo at Jump Festa 2023


Shueisha Games announced that it will be exhibiting five titles at the Jump Festa 2023, which will be held at the Makuhari Messe event hall in Chiba on December 17 and 18.

The line-up includes The Tower: To the Bottom, SOULVARS, Captain Velvet Meteor, and ONI: Lamentations of the Sky and Wind, which all have a playable demo on-site. The new mobile game unVEIL the world will also join the lineup showcasing character designs and graphic boards.

Special merchandise such as acrylic plates and standees featuring the games’ characters and key art will also be sold directly at the booth.

Shueisha Games' The Tower: To the Bottom, SOULVARS, and More Gets Playable Demo at Jump Festa 2023

Shueisha Games Jump Festa 2023 Line-Up

■ The Tower: To the Bottom
The Tower: To the Bottom is about a group of children living in a village on top of a tower who hear a rumor that there is a paradise on earth, and challenge the ordeal of The Tower, where Various enemies stand in their way. They fight to survive, search for bread to eat, and sometimes enjoy encounters with the strange inhabitants. Players make split-second decisions in response to ever-changing circumstances and lead the children to an earthly paradise.

shueisha games jump festa 2023 tower of bottom

ginolabo, the developer of the worldwide smash hit for iOS and Android, and Shueisha Games have teamed up to create a full-fledged RPG featuring dynamic and eerie pixel-art animation and a hard-boiled story set in the modern era.

The game features key visuals and in-game visuals by manga artist Shiro Usasaki. The PC and console versions of “SOULVARS” are not just a port, but a reborn version of the game. W

shueisha games jump festa 2023 soulvars

■ Captain Velvet Meteor
Face trials alongside Shonen Jump+ heroes! Damian, a shy boy, goes on an adventure with Jump+ heroes in his imagination. He and his heroes cooperate with each other and use “power combos” and “assist combos” to defeat their enemies! Will he be able to overcome difficulties and regain his peace of mind? The Shonen Jump + editorial department discovered the talent of Swiss creator Rinaldo Biltz. This is also an unprecedented form of game production, with full cooperation from a small development team.

shueisha games jump festa 2023 captain velvet meteor

■ ONI: Lamentations of the Sky and Wind
Sorata is a small demon who survived the battle of Onigashima. On the island, where the souls of demons who were defeated by Momotaro wander about, he and the mysterious spirit Kazamaru challenge trials to become stronger. All in order to defeat Momotaro, an evil demon who is also a human…

shueisha games jump festa 2023 oni

■ unVEIL the world
Unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show as a joint project between Shueisha Games and NetEase Games, this smartphone RPG features overwhelming graphics with light, wind, earth, and the breath of the world, and a gigantic tower that soars into the sky.

A mysterious girl, Uta, and her friends aim for an unprecedented summit. The game features heated strategic battles and a profound story that will shake players’ souls. The characters are designed by Posuka Demizu, who is known to provide illustrations for The Promised Neverland.

shueisha games jump festa 2023 unveil world

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