Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans G Review – A Well-Thought Strategic Game for This Famous Franchise


The Gundam series is well-known in the anime world with multiple impressive projects and many stories to tell in these four decades of history. Throughout its journey, the franchise has gone through various formats, mechanics, and genres, in all its multiple game releases. This time, the newly released Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans G comes in the form of a turn-based mobile RPG encompassing classic and strategic elements that shall be no stranger to fans of this genre.

Although many of its mechanics can be repetitive and quite similar to most of the gacha games on the market, the combats of Iron-Blooded Orphans G stand out for their peculiar load of strategy. The correct preparation of your team and perfect timing when using their unique skills are the keys to overcoming the different scenarios and events, which will be increasingly difficult as you progress. The story of Iron-Blooded Orphans G focuses on the fourteenth mainline entry of the Gundam series of the same name.

The project promises to be more than just a game, as it has an original story set in the same universe as the main plot, as well as many side stories focused on the characters and of course the adaptation of the original story. With so much content to expand the plot, Iron-Blooded Orphans G is a must-play for every Gundam fan!

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Multiple Stores Expands The Gundam World

Iron-Blooded Orphans G has multiple stories that greatly expand the content of the series, the ambition behind its narrative is clear to us after its multiple PVs, which promise us an entire universe to explore around its characters.

Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Urdr-Hunt is a spin-off game within the app that follows a completely new original story that takes place between the two seasons of the Iron-Blooded Orphans anime series. Our protagonist Wistario Afam, a young boy born and raised in the Radonitsa Colony near Venus, dreams of changing the situation and the status quo of his homeland since it is currently nothing more than a penal colony for criminals. This seems to be within his reach after an encounter with a mysterious girl who claims to be the guide to the “Urdr-Hunt”.

The game also offers a myriad of adventures to explore, as we can also find side stories for most of its characters, in which we can explore their pasts and better understand their motivations. And of course, new periodic events will be updated consistently to satisfy the hunger of Gundam fans. 

Let a New Gundam Story Begin!

Iron-Blooded Orphans starts with a typical tutorial that easily explains the strategy behind its gameplay while telling us the beginning of this story using anime scenes jumping directly into the 3D action with a smooth and satisfying transition.

The UI screen is intuitive, showing us the information we need while keeping our attention focused on the well-executed 3D action in Iron-Blooded Orphans G. The battle requires strategy, and we have 4 available actions: Attack, Skill, Support, and Special Move, located on the right side of the screen. The information about our enemies, allies, and order of action is located on the opposite side.

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During the battle you can simply activate action and attack the enemy you have selected at the top of the screen or keep pressing each of the commands to obtain detailed information on the abilities of each of your MS (Mobile Suits), such as the option to choose a specific opponent to use the ability on, as well as the effectiveness of said attack against him. Some abilities also allow you to buff or heal the other members of your team.

As the action progresses, the special move meter will accumulate (The meter will fill up by performing actions and taking damage from enemies), which allows players to activate powerful movements that are crucial to overcoming the powerful bosses. Activating special moves and making use of the buffs and debuffs at the right time becomes crucial to turn the tide.

The combats of Iron-Blooded Orphans G also make use of the color attribute system, where we can take advantage and prepare ourselves for the battle. The attribute of our enemies is shown on the preparation screen, as well as their battle strength. Choose your Mobile Suits wisely considering this and easily defeat your opponents!

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Good Preparation is the Key to Victory

In Iron-Blooded Orphans G, players will build their team with four Mobile Suites (MS), each of which must be piloted by a character. The units have several parameters which directly change how they will perform in combat. For example, the attack power of the MS and the strength of the pilot affect the damage inflicted on opponents, while the mobility of the MS and the sensitivity of the pilot will benefit the order of actions in battle.

Each unit (both MS and pilots) has a specific battle type: Speed (速攻)/ Endurance (耐久)/ Special (特殊) / General Purpose (汎用). If you combine units with the same battle type they will have a great affinity with each other, which will improve their combat parameters, so it is important to pay attention and know how to combine them wisely. This system also encourages players to plot the appropriate strategy for the challenges ahead.

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Another critical factor to take into account while building teams is the maneuverability level of MS and the operability level of each pilot, ranging from level A to E . Extra attention has to be paid to the combination of both parameters, which of course, will be reflected in an increase in the statistics.

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The characteristics of each pilot and MS also diversify the strategies available and provide bonuses in battle; including their skills and special moves. A link skill is also available when you increase the link level of your pilots and MS.

Players can also equip pilots with up to four scene cards, each with different parameter increments. Every card has a set skill as well, which adds extra bonuses depending on the number of cards you equip.

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Strategic game lovers would be more than happy to learn that Iron-Blooded Orphans G has a lot of strategies prior to each battle. The game offers a huge level of adaptability as each of the elements makes up each unit. It not only affects how your team performs in battle but also requires you to make various combinations to face the different bosses.

It’s a Gacha Game! Time to Pull!

As you might already know, the way to get powerful units and cards in Iron-Blooded Orphans G is gacha. The gacha rate is quite similar to those on the mobile game market, so there’s nothing unusual or innovative. A good thing to flavor beginners is two special 72-hour gacha, which double the chance of obtaining SSR MS, pilots, and scene cards. Meaning that this is the perfect time to obtain useful units and start the game correctly. As a welcome, we will also receive rare metals, and free pull tickets to get MS and SSR selection tickets. Use these resources wisely to your advantage!

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Iron-Blooded Orphans G is a Well-Thought Strategy Game

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans G is a turn-based RPG loaded with strategy. Its combat mechanics do justice to the genre with a fluid attack animation to enhance the excitement in every battle. While it can be a bit overwhelming with all the information and different team-building options at first, it quickly gets addictive as you become familiar with the battle mechanics.

Iron Blooded Orphans G is a Well Thought Strategy Game 118
Iron Blooded Orphans G is a Well Thought Strategy Game 117

Whether you’re a veteran of turn-based RPGs or if this is your first time trying the genre, whether you’re a fan of the Gundam series or if this is your first time trying a project from the franchise, it’s worth giving Iron-Blooded Orphans G a chance. The game has proven that more than just a for-profit adaptation by offering a huge expansion to the Gundam universe and you just can’t help but ask for more!

Iron Blooded Orphans G is a Well Thought Strategy Game 120
Iron Blooded Orphans G is a Well Thought Strategy Game 121

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