What is Sigma Battle Royale and Why Was it Removed after 48 Hours?


Recently a new mobile battle royale title came out on mobile called Sigma Battle Royale. It garnered over 500,000 downloads in less than 48 hours after it was released in Brazil and in beta worldwide.

Suddenly, Google decided to pull the plug on the game, removing it completely from the Play Store right after the game reached that download milestone. The reason? The game apparently didn’t comply with Google’s Developer Program Policy, and google found many of the in-game assets to constitute IP violations, and was too close to Garena’s Free Fire, stating some assets were even ripped from the game.

Sigma Battle Royale
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The game’s UI and colourful characters and world lead many, and those in the community to call it Free Fire Lite and FF Lite, especially when the game was much smaller than Free Fire, and could run on far more devices. The developers of course had nothing to do with Garena though, but that didn’t stop several users o social media from calling it a Free Fire clone.

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The game was getting incredibly popular in large part to the Indian player base ever since games like BGMI (or PUBG Mobile) and Call of Duty Mobile were banned in the country, which was a shame since Battle Royales are among the most popular genre of games in that region.

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Will Sigma Battle Royale Return?

Since the Sigma Battle Royale hasn’t been removed for anything like malicious content or overtly criminal activity, it’s likely that it will see an official return to the play store in a couple of months after it adjusts many of the game’s assets, which has happened before to other titles that have had similar controversies.

It’s unlikely for the game to be as popular as it was though on launch if the Indian government caught wind of the title and decides to ban it, but the idea of having a battle royale title be accessible to more lower-end devices is definitely enough to attract more players.

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In the meantime though If you do want to play a battle royale that’s very similar, you could just pick up Free Fire, like the devs were clearly inspired from.

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