Steam Deck is Shipping to Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan on December 17


Valve and Komodo, the official retailer of the Steam Deck in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan announced that the Deck will officially start shipping to those regions on December 17.

Valve and Komodo are also now accepting pre-orders for the Steam Deck from these regions, and starting from December 1, customers that have pre-ordered the Deck will receive an email notifying them of their payment and can expect to receive their deck within two weeks from December 17.

The Dock is also available now for pre-order on Komodo’s website, although stocks for the Dock are limited. If you order the Dock before the Deck launches, you can receive both at the same time.

If you’re still on the fence about getting a Steam Deck and need a little bit more info, you can check out our review on the Deck.

Steam Deck and Dock Prices

The Steam Deck Dock, the peripheral that let’s you connect the Deck to any display with an HDMI or Display port and comes with multiple USB ports and an Ethernet plug, is priced with tax starting at:

Japan: JPY$ 14,800
Hong Kong: HKD$ 828
South Korea: KRW$ 149,000
Taiwan: TWD$ 3,280

steam deck asia release PR 0 2
steam deck asia release PR 0 6

Purchase of the Dock alone isn’t too much use though as it’s designed with the Steam Deck in mind, and if you’re a part of Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan, you can pre-order the Steam Deck now with 64GB eMMC and a carrying case starting at:

Japan: JPY$ 59,800
Hong Kong: HKD$ 3,288
South Korea: KRW$ 589,000
Taiwan: TWD$ 13,380

steam deck asia release PR 0 3
steam deck asia release PR 0 5
Steam Deck
steam deck asia release PR 0 8

Due note that depending on supply and demand for the Deck, certain orders may take longer than two weeks to arrive and are subject to extended deadlines, and possibly even rescheduled based on the reservation system. In order to ensure proper delivery, payment and order records, you will receive an email and any necessary further steps.

Steam Deck Review

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