Voice Actress Ami Maeshima to Step Down from D4DJ and BanG Dream! Due to Health Issues


Ami Maeshima, the voice actress for several ongoing anime and game series, announced that she is stepping down from her roles in various media due to rising health concerns and poor physical health.

These include her role as Maruyama Aya in BanG Dream, and Niijima Ibuki in D4DJ. The voice actress was also involved in the anime adaptation of Komi Can’t Communicate as Makeru Yandano, though with a season 3 for the anime not having been confirmed yet, it’s likely she may be replaced if the third season gets announced soon.

Both BanG Dream! and D4DJ announced plans to recast her characters and plans to handle her existing lines in the games and songs are in the works.

Ami Maeshima

About Ami Maeshima

Ami Maeshima is a voice actress born on November 22, 1997 and is a former Japanese Idol, voice actress and also a youtube where she posts vlogs and gaming videos.

The voice actress got involved in BanG Dream! as Aya Maruyama after discontinuing her activities in the idol group Super Girls / Supaga as its former leader. Her roles in media include Elise in the Devil May Cry – The Live Hacker theatre production, Death Note The Musical as Sayu Yagami and most notably her roles as Aya Maruyama and recently Ibuki Nijima in D4DJ and Yadano Makeru in Komi Can’t Communicate.

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