Neural Cloud Reroll & Team-Building Guide


Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud offers a new gacha title within the fast-paced, firepower action of the Girls’ Frontline franchise. Putting the player in a mobile world where they must fight to avoid deletion, the title’s roguelike gameplay focuses on the tactical use of skills and team composition, with different character types like Guards and Fighters excelling at different functions within Neural Cloud’s diverse gameplay.

This Neural Cloud Reroll & Team-Building Guide will help you reroll for initial characters and plan your best gacha experience, by looking at early banners and synergies that will put you in the best position to optimize your team.

How to Reroll in Neural Cloud?

1.Create an account with a Sunborn ID.
2.Go through about 20 minutes of gameplay, when you will be given pulls on the game’s banners.
*Make sure to read the tutorials at least once, which are helpful to build your team!
3.Play until the game gives you access to the gacha. Make sure to take all free currency from your mailbox before rolling.
4.If you don’t get the character (or Doll) you’re shooting for, restart the game and click the small icon with the symbol of a person and arrows in the top right.
*At the moment, you should be aiming to pull either Hubble or Aki, whose strengths are discussed below.
5.Make a new account by adding a “+1” to the end of your email address.
6.Go back through the tutorial stages!
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How to Build Your Team in Neural Cloud?

As you consider what characters to aim for, it is important to factor in the game’s different units and how you are going to construct your team. Content in Neural Cloud provides a “First-clear bonus,” granting materials used to enhance the player’s Dolls. These materials are provided for each class of Doll that clears the content, so a balanced team will allow a player to obtain the most resources with the least effort as they conquer the game’s content.

In general, you will want a unit of each class, leveled and ready to use: Guard, Fighter, Sniper, Specialist, or Medic. For content you are aiming to clear repeatedly, as fast as you can, your best bet is to switch a Specialist for an additional Fighter or Sniper.

Neural Cloud features two damage types, physical and hashrate, which is akin to a magic damage type. In picking another damage dealer, it is useful to find a Doll that matches the damage type of your strongest unit, as in using two hashrate Snipers. 


Make Good Use of the Free and Easily-Obtainable Units

Some of the strongest Dolls in the five roles are either provided for free or are a lower rarity and easy to pull from the gacha. Without expending gacha resources these Dolls will mature into powerful staples within team building. Let’s take a look at the Doll types that are covered by strong but free-to-play friendly characters!

Free Guard – Croque

As a free Doll excels at tanking enemy hits, Croque is also able to taunt enemies to deflect enemy attacks from your DPS units. Croque alone covers the Guard role very effectively.

girls frontline project neural cloud character skills 11 croque

Free Medic – Persicaria

Central to Neural Cloud’s story, Persicaria is also the essential Medic, offering strong healing abilities as well as a life-saving passive that revitalizes defeated units. Though other Medics have the potential to offer buffs and debuffs useful for particular encounters, Persicaria will prove more than sufficient for most of the game’s content.

girls frontline project neural cloud character skills 07 persicaria
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Free Specialist – Willow 

The Specialist role is a bit tricky to work with early in Neural Cloud, emphasizing synergies and mechanics that become more relevant as you delve deeper into the game, developing your Dolls and their skills. Willow blinds enemies, decreasing their accuracy, but her utility falls flat rather quickly within the game’s content. 

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2-Star Specialist – Sakuya and Angela

Though not freely obtainable, other Specialist Dolls such as Sakuya and Angela are only 2-star rarity, instead of the elusive 3-star rarity, and it is likely that one of them will turn up as you pull for other characters.

Each poses a strong replacement for Willow. Willow’s blind flares bright at the game’s start, while Angela and Sakuya scale well with upgraded skills—Sakuya increases your team’s damage output, while Angela exerts game-breaking control over skill cooldowns, hastening your abilities while freezing the skills of enemies. If you don’t get Angela or Sakuya, Willow will fulfill the Specialist duty but is unlikely to remain a core member of any team, while Angela is crucial for difficult, later content.

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High-Tier DPS – Warrior & Sniper

With the Specialist/Medic/Guard roles covered by lower rarity units, your focus with Neural Cloud’s early banners should be on your main damage dealers. Current banners pose a choice between the Warrior Aki and the Sniper Hubble.

3-Star Warrior Aki

Aki puts out very big damage numbers; there’s not much else to add. The simplicity of the character’s abilities, which focus on increasing the critical chance and damage of his attacks, make this powerhouse of a character a solid pull that won’t be power creeped any time soon.

Betty and Chelsea are the best lower-rarity secondary Warriors to pair with Aki; the single-star Chelsea in particular offers useful AoE damage to go with Aki’s massive burst attacks.

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3-Star Sniper – Hubble

Lacking Aki’s explosive damage, Hubble is a powerful unit in a very different sense, demonstrating the importance of positioning and unit placement through a black hole ultimate which drags enemies toward a selected area. The utility of this ability ensures Hubble’s relevance to shifting game metas.

The Sniper offers decent damage but will prove less explosively powerful than later units added to the game. Lam is a lower-rarity Sniper who synergizes well with Hubble, though Chanzhi and Simo are also solid choices.

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3-Star Sniper Kuro

The Sniper Kuro officially arrives in Neural Cloud with a high drop-rate boost between December 7 to December 27. A strong single-target damage dealer, Kuro offers good synergy with Hubble, as both can scale off the hashrate damage type. Also, Hubble’s AOE control covers Kuro’s inability to deal with crowds of enemies. Kuro is a strong Sniper to roll for in her own right and an even better pick if you have Hubble on your team.

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It’s Always Crucial to Train Your Early Dolls!

As you construct your team in Neural Cloud, it is important to take early steps to efficiently strengthen your Dolls. Upgrading Persicaria is a priority and can be accomplished by completing her questline, accessed through the tutorial menu. For the most part story completion will check the boxes for her quests, though you will also need to raise her friendship level to six through gifts and complete all of her fragment stages. Strengthening Croque is also critical; as soon as you unlock the Vulnerability Shop, make sure to buy her fragments daily.

Focusing on empowering Croque, Persicaria, and the damage dealer of your choice will plant your feet firmly in the digital world of Neural Cloud, to cut down foes and clear content in this new and charming gacha with plenty of characters and surprises to come with future updates.


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