Code Geass Lost Stories Announces Overseas Version is in Development


Code Geass Lost Stories recently hit 2,000,00 Players and also held a celebration for the end of the year with a special live-stream unveiling new units and upcoming original story content. But the most surprising bit was near the end of the live stream, the team confirmed that an overseas version of the game is currently in development!

While overseas in this context typically means the game is going to be receiving an English version, the exact wording from the development team didn’t iterate, overseas could very much mean Chinese, Korean, or any other version. The team didn’t share any further information on this new version of the game but assured players that updates will be coming.

Since Code Geass has a pretty prolific English dub, do you think if the game was released in English, would it have an English dub with all of its heavy story content, or be strictly in Japanese, and how long do you think it would take for this version to be released?

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Code Geass Lost Stories 2022 Year-End Live Stream

About Code Geass Lost Stories

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Lost Stories is a tower defence mobile title that faithfully recreates the events of the anime series, with a new twist. This time the story includes you, a Britannian and Japanese half-breed citizen who, after witnessing the Shinjuku Massacre first-hand decides to fight against the Britannian Empire, and eventually join the Black Knights.

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The game features Knightmares and Pilots as separate entities with pilots granting bonus stats and abilities to the Knightmares, and the Knightmares themselves acting as the main unit. Pilots can drastically influence a Knightmare’s ability, including modifying its attack range, damage, and even determining if it can heal others, or itself during combat.

During battle the Knightmares will automatically activate strong passive buffs, while you can also execute cinematic special attacks to deal heavy damage to a single target. In certain stages you can also completely collapse the floor, similar to what Lelouch does during the Black Knight rebellion to block off enemy routes and instantly take care of troublesome foes!

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Code Geass Lost Stories Review

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