Osomatsu-san Protagonist Contest Poko Ball is Available Now


Avex Pictures and Churapps have just released the mobile title Osomatsu-san no Shuyaku Sōdatsu Poko Bōru (Osomatsu-san Protagonist Contest Poko Ball) on iOS and Mobile.

The game was slated for release in Winter 2022 and met that goal as it came out on December 26.

Protagonist Contest Pokoball is a ball-tossing game based on the Mr.Osomatsu comedy anime series by Pierrot and Fujio Akatsuka’s manga series of the same name. Players control Osomatsu-san and toss a bouncing ball at various enemies on screen dealing damage to them, and eliminating as many of them as quickly as possible without taking damage. Characters have different skills that can affect the power and throw of the ball, while also letting you pull for various scenes from the anime.


About Osomatsu-san Protagonist Contest Poko Ball

Protagonist Contest Poko Ball is a “pokopoko” ball-throwing game where you toss a ball at an enemy, and the ball can bounce based on the number displayed above your character. Each time the ball hits a surface it bounces dealing damage to enemies, and the goal is to defeat every enemy before they can reach you.

During a stage, you can also pick up special powerups and skill balls to affect how the ball performs. You can gacha for scenes and shots from the anime series to build up a collection, which can also be used to modify in-game sound effects.

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