Bushiroad Games Announces Rear Sekai, an Action RPG Collaborating with Rune Factory 5 Developer


During the 2023 Bushiroad New Year Grand Presentation, Bushiroad announced a brand-new action RPG titled Rear Sekai. The crossover title with HAKAMA will be developed for Nintendo Switch, and it will release in 2023.

This action RPG is planned and produced by Yoshifumi Hashimoto, who you may know for his work in the Rune Factory and Story of Seasons series of games, and features illustrations by Shie Nanahara (known for their works in Fate/Grand Order, Magic: The Gathering and Samurai Warriors 5) and Minako Iwasaki (original Rune Factory series character designer).

rear sekai keyart2

Furthermore, the game will feature the main musical composition by Motoi Sakuraba (known for his work in Star Ocean: The Divine Force and Tales of Arise), and voice acting by Kaito Ishikawa and Saori Ōnishi.

Producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto said in the official announcement that they’re excited to partner with Bushiroad on this venture to give fruition to this new idea he’s had for a while and urges everyone to look forward to it.

Rear Sekai will be published by Bushiroad’s brand-new gaming label, Bushiroad Games. This new label will be integrated into their mobile game label Bushimo and aims to expand the creation of console, PC, and mobile digital content for the worldwide market. Alongside the announcement, they announced several game projects, including Macross Shooting Insight and a new Revue Starlight visual novel.

Rear Sekai Teaser Trailer

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