World II World’s Worldview Trailer Introduces the Isekai x Modern World


Aniplex released a new video introducing the worldview of its upcoming side-scrolling duo-world RPG World II World, which is scheduled to begin service this winter on iOS and Android devices.

In the video, one of the three worlds that players will be able to explore is introduced. The story follows an ordinary boy Haruta Komiya of our time, who has been transported to another world, and the former demon king Maruma Makku, who has been transported to the modern world, both under similar and peculiar conditions.

World II World is a side-scrolling duo-world RPG that eliminates the social elements seen in other mobile games and is strictly a single-player game. In this story, three worlds are on the brink of collapse due to an unknown entity, and it’s up to the six protagonists to prevent this from happening.

The game features a dual-screen gameplay similar to that seen in Nintendo DS and 3DS titles, where each side features peculiarly different worlds connected to each other that tell a linked story from both points of view and how each of the character’s actions affects the opposing reality.

World II World

World II World Pre-Registration Campaign

The pre-registration campaign for iOS devices has also started from the game’s official website and from the App Store, the pre-registration rewards will be the same as those previously announced in the Android campaign.

The number of pre-registrations of World II World has now exceeded 100,000, and the number of items that can be obtained at the start of the game will increase according to the number of pre-registered users.

Pre-Registration Rewards:
50,000 Players: Gravity Stones x 500 (5 Gacha Pulls Worth)
100,000 Players: Ring of Departures x6 (Grants +200HP and +5% Increased EXP)
150,000 Players: Gravity Stones x 500 (5 Gacha Pulls Worth)
200,000 Players: 4-Star Battry (Machine-Side Attacker)

QooApp World II World PR

World II World Twitter Campaign

The official Twitter is currently holding a campaign to commemorate the start of the pre-registration campaign. During the campaign period, you can participate by following and retweeting the campaign tweet posted by the official Twitter account every day until January 31, and a total of 1,000 winners will receive luxurious prizes.

QooApp World II World Twitter

West x East World Characters

■ Koru (Western Side) – CV: Yuichiro Umehara

A cool young man who aspires to be the best gunfighter.

QooApp World II World 01

■ Garnet (Western Side) – CV: Hisako Tojo

A young woman who runs the Eagle Perch dining bar in West Cortico.

QooApp World II World 02

■ Ruri (Western Side) – CV: Nozomi Yamamoto

A mysterious woman from the East wanders the West in search of a place to die.

QooApp World II World 03

■ Kenmaru (Oriental Side) – CV: Shinichiro Kamio

A hot-blooded young man who aspires to become the greatest swordsman in the world.

QooApp World II World 04

■ Shino (Oriental Side) – CV: Yuina Yamada

A ninja who has served the Susano-Ryu family head for generations.

QooApp World II World 05

■ Artie (Oriental Side) – CV: Kaede Hondo

A young lady from the west aspiring to be a painter.

QooApp World II World 06

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