Dragon Quest Champions Announced for Mobile; CBT Begins February 6


During yesterday’s Dragon Quest New Smartphone Title Announcement Live Stream Program, Square Enix announced Dragon Quest Champions, a melee command battle RPG that will be coming to smartphones. Square Enix’s Takuma Shiraishi is the producer, and Koei Tecmo’s Tomohiko Sho is the chief director.

No release date was revealed, but the official website and broadcast have opened and revealed all sorts of information including the original characters and gameplay for this upcoming title. The game will hold its first closed beta in February and registration is also available now.

dragon quest champions main visual

Dragon Quest Champions Story

A long time ago, the plans for the Demon King to conquer the world were thwarted by the hero and his two companions.

Centuries pass and in a world where peace still reigns, people are excited about the Combat Tournaments that were bequeathed by heroes of long ago. A young man from a village sets out on a journey to participate in the tournament.

“All heroes must compete in this tournament. Only the one who conquers all the heroic martial arts tournaments can become a true hero. And you must accomplish this by your own hands.” With those words of his missing father behind him, our protagonist goes on to fulfill his promise. A new legend shall be born!

Dragon Quest Champions Characters

■ Protagonist – CV: N/A
An aspiring brave adventurer joins the Hero Tournaments to search for their missing father.

img character 01

■ Elmia – CV: Miku Ito
An old friend of Homit who the protagonist meets by chance. A cheerful self-proclaimed manager.

img character 02

■ Homit – CV: Konomi Kohara
A heal slime who loves to cheer people on. He is not good at fighting on his own, but he is always there to advise the protagonist.

img character 03

■ Zeram – CV: Takeo Ootsuka
The protagonist’s rival. A self-confident warrior who does not like to be pampered or accustomed to others.

img character 04

■ Drarin – CV: Shunsuke Takeuchi
The Hero Tournament’s MC. A Draki whose funky appearance and passionate play-by-play heats up the competition.

img character 06

Dragon Quest Champions Gameplay

There are two gameplay modes in Dragon Quest Champions – Story Mode and Tournament Mode. In Story Mode, you can play a variety of quests and enjoy a completely original story.

dragon quest champions gameplay 1

In Tournament Mode, you can match against 50 players, and accumulating wins will increase your rank, from Bronze III, all the way to Gold I. Scattered across the stage are various Stat Spheres, which will increase your character’s Attack and Defense. After some time passes, a “Demon’s Vortex” will slowly shrink the available map, and limit your places to hide.

dragon quest champions gameplay 2

Dragon Quest Champions Closed Beta Registration

Closed beta registrations have opened today and will run until January 29. A total of 20,000 participants, distributed half-half between iOS and Android will be selected.

The beta test is scheduled to occur from February 6 to February 13. In order to sign up, a Japanese Square Enix account is required. For iOS users, a device running iOS 13 or later is required, and for Android users, a device running Android 10 or later is required. To apply, participants can go to the official website and log in using their Square Enix Members Japan account.

dragon quest champions gameplay 3

Dragon Quest Champions Broadcast

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