[Qoo News] Mobile otome game DAME×PRINCE gets TV anime in 2018



Mobile otome game DAME×PRINCE (デイム×プリンス) is getting an anime adaption to celebrate its first anniversary. The show DAME×PRINCE ANIME CARAVAN will start January next year.

In the game, players take the role of a princess in a small country Inaco. In order to stop neighbour country Milidonia’s invasion and partner up with the religious kingdom of Selenvalen, she enters Milidonia to spy on the place. Surprisingly, the princes and nobles are handsome guys but also idiots.


・Narek Ischl de Milidonia: Kaito Ishikawa
・Vino von Lomzard: Yuichiro Umehara
・Ruze Selen el Phiriazar: Soma Saito
・Mare Selen el Phiriazar: Ryohei Kimura
・Teo Colton: Tomoaki Maeno
・Riot Volte: Shunsuke Takeuchi
・Chrom Rem: Eiji Takemoto
・Gurimaru: Ayaka Saito

More information will be revealed later.

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DAME×PRINCE -ダメ王子たちとのドタバタ恋愛ADV DAME×PRINCE -ダメ王子たちとのドタバタ恋愛ADV NHN PlayArt Corp. :