Synduality Anime Unveils Key Visual, Additional Cast, and 2023 Debut


Bandai Namco’s original anime Synduality, based on the multimedia project under the same name, has revealed its key visual, more information about the characters and cast, and the synopsis for the first episode.

The additional cast includes Takeo Ootsuka as Kanata, Yusuke Kobayashi as Tokio, Fuminori Komatsu as Mouton, Konomi Inagaki as Ellie, Ayaka Ohashi as Ange, and Taito Ban as the Kurokamen.

The anime series is scheduled to air in 2023 on TV Tokyo and other stations in Japan. The Synduality project is a story based on the concept of “the difference between humans and Artificial Intelligence”.

QooApp Synduality KV

Synduality Anime 1st Episode Synopsis

The year is 2242.

After the unprecedented disaster called “Tears of the New Moon” caused the collapse of the underground city-state “Amasia,” human civilization has begun to live underground again with hope for the future.

People have formed settlements called nests in various places underground. The adventurers who fight the Enders, who still infest the surface of the earth as a threat to mankind, and mine the AO crystals, an energy resource necessary for the operation of the Nests, are called Drifters.

One day, Kanata, a young man who dreams of one day becoming a Drifter in Rocktown, a nest where they gather, visits the ruins of an old museum to explore with Tokio, a skilled Drifter and discovers a beautiful Magus sleeping there.

Through this encounter with the mysterious Magus called Noir, the story of destiny gradually begins to unfold…

Synduality Anime Characters & Cast

■ Kanata – CV: Takeo Ootsuka

Kanata is a young apprentice drifter living in Rocktown. He earns his daily bread by scavenging for junk and collecting the legacies of old civilizations and dreams of one day becoming a full-fledged Drifter.

QooApp Synduality C01

■ Noir – CV: Aoi Koga

A Magus who has awakened from a long sleep and has lost her memory of the past. While she is a “clunker” who can’t put on clothes properly and easily gets knocked around, for some reason, she is highly capable in cradle coffin combat.

QooApp Synduality C02

■ Ciel – CV: Nagisa Aoyama

An enigmatic Magus who likes to sing without a partner. By chance, she becomes acquainted with Noir and becomes involved with Kanata.

QooApp Synduality C03

■ Tokio – CV: Yuusuke Kobayashi

A skilled drifter who works mainly in Rocktown. He is Kanata’s “big brother,” but his free-spirited way of life sometimes causes those around him to be pushed around.

QooApp Synduality C04

■ Mouton – CV: Fuminori Komatsu

Tokio’s partner Magus. Although he does not say much, he always watches over the free-spirited Tokio with attentive care.

QooApp Synduality C05

■ Ellie – CV: Konomi Inagaki

Kanata’s childhood friend and a member of “Aventure”, a group of Rocktown drifters that Kanata dreams of joining. She has a faint crush on Kanata.

QooApp Synduality C06

■ Ange – CV: Ayaka Ohashi

Ellie’s partner Magus. From a distance as a friend, she accompanies Ellie through her life. She sometimes teases the shy Ellie.

QooApp Synduality C07

■ Kurokamen – CV: Taito Ban

An unknown man with a mask covering his face. His words and actions are often unclear, but his partner Schnee seems to understand him and trusts him immensely.

QooApp Synduality C08

■ Schnee – CV: Mao Ichimichi

She is a graceful and quiet Magus, but like her partner, her words and actions are often somewhat out of sync. However, she is absolutely loyal to her partner, Kurokamen.

QooApp Synduality C09

Synduality Anime Teaser PV 2

Synduality Anime Staff & Production

Director: Yuusuke Yamamoto
Script/Original Creator: Hajime Kamoshida
Series Composition: Takashi Aoshima
Original Character Design: neco
Chief Animation Director/Character Design: Kenichiro Katsura
Coffin Design: Ippei Gyoubu
Production Design: Wataru Inada
Legendary Design: Kazutaka Miyatake
Art Director: Kenta Masuda
Music: Masato Nakayama
Animation Production: Eight Bit

Synduality Anime Cast

■ Kanata – CV: Takeo Ootsuka
■ Noir – CV: Aoi Koga
■ Ciel – CV: Nagisa Aoyama
■ Tokio – CV: Yuusuke Kobayashi
■ Mouton – CV: Fuminori Komatsu
■ Ellie – CV: Konomi Inagaki
■ Ange – CV: Ayaka Ohashi
■ Kurokamen – CV: Taito Ban
■ Schnee – CV: Mao Ichimichi

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