Magical Girl Destroyers Kai Mobile Game Opens for Pre-registration Ahead of April Release


Based on the multimedia project Magical Girl Destroyers by underground art and music creator Jun Inagawa, the smartphone game Magical Girl Destroyers Kai officially opens for pre-registration today.

Players can now pre-register for the game by following the official Twitter or LINE. A total of 3,000 orbs will be presented to all players when it reaches 100,000 pre-registrations.


The action RPG for mobile will share the same worldview as the television anime which is set to premiere in April 2023. Asobimo will launch the game in April in Japan.

Set in a dystopic near future where otaku culture in Japan has been obliterated by a mysterious organization known as “SSC”, Magical Girl Destroyers follows the misadventures of Otaku Hero—a young revolutionary who loves otaku culture—and Anarchy, Blue and Pink, a trio of magical girls who admire him. Together they struggle to create “a world where you can say what you like about what you like as much as you like.”

Magical Girl Destroyers Kai Teaser PV

About Magical Girl Destroyers Kai

While not much has been revealed for Magical Girl Destroyers Kai in terms of gameplay, it is certain that it will feature the project’s unique magical girls, including an original heroine, Peace, voiced by Sumire Uesaka. She is also performing the game’s theme song “Rebellion.”

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The game will include different challenges including fighting off the monsters of the series. Aside from the adventure mode, players can also team up with other players to take on the game’s different challenges. The voice actors of the anime characters will reprise their roles in the game.

Magical Girl Destroyers Kai Mobile Game Available for Pre-registration Ahead of April Release

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