Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection Brings The Original Trilogy to Switch and PC on June 1


The dungeon-crawling RPG series originating on the Nintendo DS returns on the Nintendo Switch and PC as the Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection. Atlus has announced that the HD collection, comprised of the first three games of the franchise will be launching on June 1 worldwide.

Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection features newly remastered graphics and remastered soundtracks alongside a multitude of quality-of-life improvements that iterate upon the original releases of the games back on the Nintendo DS.

Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection Announcement Trailer

Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection Key Features

Map Controls Revitalized

Utilizing the NDS’s native touch controls, the original title was unique as a JRPG title for its unique take on dungeon navigation. Players must note their surroundings by way of drawing their own maps on the bottom screen of the console, as they dive deeper into the labyrinthian floors.

In the new Origins Collection, players will be able to plot their own progress using touchscreen controls on the Switch, or mouse controls on the PC. Plot your progress through the labyrinth, drawing walls and placing icons to note items and threats! The map screen can be collapsed or expanded anytime while adventuring.

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■ Save Slots and Difficulty Options for All Three Titles

The game also now newly incorporates save slots, allowing players to rotate their saves or keep multiple playthroughs at a time! Also seen in the image is the ability to select difficulties for the three titles, which was a feature only implemented after EO4.

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As an additional bonus, each game included in the HD collection features 24 newly illustrated character portraits to select for your character profiles. The announcement trailer showed off some of the new portrait art for the classes: Landsknecht, War Magus, and Sovereign among several others.

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Character Portrait DLC Featuring Crossover ATLUS’ Characters

Preordering Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection rewards players with cosmetic DLCs that can be accessed for each game of the trilogy, allowing you to change the appearance of any adventurer of your liking to other characters from ATLUS’s numerous catalogs. Each Character Portrait DLC pack can be purchased separately after the game’s release in June.

Rather bizarrely, each Character Portrait set is only accessible for the corresponding game they will be released, with two portraits available for each game of the trilogy.

Character Portrait DLC Set 1

  • Joker from Persona 5 Royal
  • Ringo from Soul Hackers 2

Character Portrait DLC Set 2

  • Demi-fiend from Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne
  • Teddie from Persona 4 Golden

Character Portrait DLC Set 3

  • Nahobino from Shin Megami Tensei V
  • Aigis from Persona 3 Portable
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