Zold:out Tier List and Reroll Guide


The gacha strategy RPG Zold:out has recently released a global version for English players on iOS, Android, and Steam. Turn-based with a twist, the title’s unique action system allows you to vary the attacks and skills used each turn. This risk-reward system allows players to enjoy the game casually or go on all-out offensives. The ability to customize decks of weapons also offers further potential for synergies and customization within the game’s varied and compelling mechanics.

If you’re interested in trying out a gacha that pairs dazzling characters with a deep combat system, this Zold:out Tier list and Reroll Guide will help you aim for the best SSR units to start out!

How to Reroll in Zold:out?

Before rolling, it’s important to consider the units which are available for free or through the purchase of the game’s currency. SSR Eleonora is provided after spending $1 or more on the currency. Seven logins will grant you an SSR Karen while completing a mission and will provide you with a copy of Natalie, which is a high-tier character with an appropriate build. Though not an SSR, the SR unit Ella is gifted to the player freely as a pre-registration bonus. 

Rerolling for Zold:out is incredibly simple; start the game with a guest login. After you finish the tutorial and open up all of your gifted currency, roll in the gacha. Make sure to acquire currency from missions that reward pulling new characters, and roll again. If you didn’t get the character you wanted, there is an option to reset your account under Settings. Easy as that!

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Zold:out Tier List

SS Tier

SSR Natalie

The brutal utility of Natalie’s positioning powers will be familiar to players of tactical RPGs. The support unit buffs characters’ movement potentials; at the same time, Natalie can reposition units and grant them additional action points, which are the lifeblood of strategy and allow your strongest units to overwhelm an enemy.

Though Natalie specifically buffs physical damage dealers like Eleonora, her movement boons and action points are incredibly useful for magic damage dealers, as well. As you progress towards the late game of Zold:out, Natalie’s benefits will prove invaluable.

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SSR Gloria

Gloria, a fire-kissed glass cannon, outputs massive damage through easy-to-achieve scorching skill effects. Her use of skills or weapons that burn the enemy recovers action points, which means that attacks from your wands will accelerate and hit enemies sooner than expected. Striking like lightning, Gloria is able to use this ability to quickly chain together attacks that devastate and stun enemies, with flaming weapons that are easily accessible for Zold:out’s beginners.

Charity and Natalie are good units to support Gloria if you’d like to build a team around this flaming diva. Her defense is a clear vulnerability, and if not on the offensive this unit will shatter; additionally, power creep will slightly diminish her status as the standout mage. That being said, this character will remain a force to be reckoned with.

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S Tier

SSR Ashley

Ashley is a physical damage bow user with strong versatility, able to tank with her high HP or provide intense and sustained damage with her abilities. As Ashley attacks, enemies are debuffed with vulnerability markers that increase her damage output. Ashley’s ultimate skill also amplifies these vulnerability markers even further. Able to function as a defensive unit with useful skills or a damage powerhouse, Ashley is a worthy gacha pull in Zold:out. 

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SSR Charity

As a powerful supporter that ticks all the important boxes, Charity has the ability to provide characters with elemental resistance, while also buffing magic and physical damage and granting allies charges for their ultimate abilities. The variety of these useful buffs, defensive and offensive, ensures that Charity will remain relevant across much of the game content.

But there is a catch—the character needs to be awakened fully to really shine, and free-to-play players will only gradually acquire the awakening stones needed to unleash this character. That being said, Charity is definitely a character worth investing in.

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SSR Morgan

Morgan is a fun and ferocious swaggering swordsman who simplifies Zold:out’s stance system, to output respectable damage. The stance system is a game mechanic through which certain weapons will escalate your character’s damage.

Particular weapons will put your character into the first stance; using weapons that benefit from the first stance will do increased damage while putting your character into the second stance, positioning you to take advantage of weapons that use the second stance for brutal impact.

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Morgan is able to passively gain the first stance while benefiting also from increased damage output instances, simplifying but enriching your ability to increase your damage through stance weapons. The character’s weapon combo potential makes him a blast to use in Zold:out, even if you are lacking optimal weapon decks.

A Tier

SSR Karen

The role of a tank can often be thankless, and underappreciated—but you’ll absolutely be glad to have Karen protecting your team’s behinds. Solid as steel, the elf sword user has the ability to taunt enemy units while bolstering her defenses, providing essential protection for many of the difficult encounters in the late content of Zold:out.

At the same time, Karen is able to synergize with other elf characters and boost their attack power. However, Karen’s lower damage output will not prove useful in encounters where you will want to maximize your DPS.

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SSR Irene

Zold:out’s strongest healer, Irene excels at one thing: replenishing hitpoints. The straightforward support character, able to save allies with low health and heal past a character’s max HP, can prove very useful for difficult and aggressive enemies, much like Karen. But as you increase familiarity with the game and look more towards fast and intense strategizing, more versatile supports like Charity will prove far more useful.

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SSR Aurora

A tanky, tricky mage, Aurora can take a hit and pack a frozen punch. The ice user offers great utility, able to freeze enemy units and trap enemy forces in awkward, vulnerable positions on a map, but she can also freeze allies, raising their defenses while chilling your offensive capabilities. It is difficult to effectively use this mage, who excels at Zold:out’s defensive strategies, though situations where she prospers increase as your account progresses.


B Tier

SSR Veronica

As a tank that can pack a punch, Veronica excels at mopping up mobs in early-game skirmishes of Zold:out. The sword user’s ability to leap into an enemy’s vulnerable backlines can decisively turn battles and combo well with the movement skills provided by Natalie. But long term, Veronica does not possess the damage output or synergies to stand out on a team. 

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SSR Eleonora

Underwhelming on her own, Eleonora is a team player with the potential to amplify the arrows raining on your enemies. The bow-wielder synergizes with other archers, amplifying their damage output, and Eleonora herself benefits from damage boosts provided by units like Ashley. Eleonora is situationally strong, working well in certain lineups and against particular bosses where her ability to stun is helpful.


SSR Luther

The swordsman support Luther gives critical and significant buffs to other blade wielders, enhancing their attack, defense, and movement capabilities. But on his own, the knight does not excel as a tank or a DPS unit. Fitting into niche team builds, this dashing gallant is not a must-have character, though he will prove quite useful with the future release of strong swords characters.


C Tier

SSR Sarah

Lacking versatility, Sarah is a niche unit whose strengths only shine with particular allies. Her potential to buff physical damage can exponentially explode with multi-hit attacks, possible with the use of Eleonora. But in general, the use cases for this character are disappointingly low, despite her strong character design. 


SSR Grace

A toxic character for both you and your enemies, Grace has the ability to poison her foes, conjuring up toxic clouds that slow and reduce attack power, while inflicting serious damage. But it is difficult to find widespread uses for this character outside of bosses vulnerable to poison, unless you build a thoroughly toxic team.

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SSR Faustina

An explosion of damage and disappointment, Faustina is a DPS sword user whose usefulness centers around her Judgment form. Judgment form clears her debuffs but reduces her HP to 20%, while granting her significant buffs.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to strategize around this character, who relies heavily on her ultimate skill to further increase her damage in Judgment form and prevent enemies from attacking her. However, effective use of her skills can wipe out threats to vulnerable team members.

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Final Thoughts

Zold:out is a promising new strategy gacha with some fascinating character abilities and breathtaking costumes and characters on the horizon. What characters are you pulling for? Did you agree with this ranking of the SSR characters? Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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