Link! Like! Love Live! Mobile Game Coming in April; Pre-Registration Opens Now


The members of Hasunosora Jogakuin School Idol Club are getting ready to make their debut, as Link! Like! Love Live! Recently held a reveal live stream showing off its members and cast, while also announcing that the game is now open for pre-registration!

Link! Like! Love Live! Is a new mobile game and multi-media app featuring the girls of the Hasunosora Jogakuin School’s Idol club, and marks the beginning of Love Live’s newest idol unit. The group is comprised of six members and will be releasing their first album called “Dream Believers” on March 29.

The members of the Hasunosora Jogakuin School Idol Club consist of Nirei Nozomi as Hinoshita Kaho, Nonaka Kokona as Sayaka Murano, Hanamiya Niina as Kozuka Otomune, Sasaki Kotoko as Tsuzuri Yuguri, Kan Kanna as Rurino Osawa, and Tsukine Kona as Megumi Fujishima.

The game is slated for release in April 2023.

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Link! Like! Love Live! Hasunosora Jyogakuin School Idol Club Reveal Stream

Link! Like! Love Live! Pre-Registration Campaign

Pre-Registration for the game is available now! Currently, you can pre-register by following the game’s official Twitter and subscribing to the official youtube channel.

Pre-registration has a plethora of cumulative rewards for players, offering up to 8000 SisCa, the game’s premium currency, two SR cards, and a UR selection ticket!

Pre-Registration Milestone Rewards:
50,000 Pre-Registrations: 800 SisCa
100,000 Pre-Registrations: SR Card Rainbow Colored World
150,000 Pre-Registrations: 1,200 SisCa
200,000 Pre-Registrations: 1,600 SisCa
250,000 Pre-Registrations: SR Card Awoke
300,000 Pre-Registrations: 2,000 SisCa
400,000 Pre-Registrations 2,400 SisCa
500,000 Pre-Registrations: UR Selection Ticket

Link! Like! Love Live!
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Link! Like! Love Live! Characters and Cast

Check out the new characetrs and cast joining the Love Live franchise! All of these girls also come with their own introduction videos, which you cann watch on the game’s official youtube channel!

■ Fujishima Megumi – CV: Tsukine Kona

Link Like Love Live Characters Cast 01

■ Osawa Rurino – CV: Kan Kanna

Link Like Love Live Characters Cast 02

■ Murano Sayaka – CV: Nonaka Kokona

Link Like Love Live Characters Cast 03

■ Yugiri Tsuzuri – CV: Sasaki Kotoko

Link Like Love Live Characters Cast 04

■ Otomune Kozue – CV: Hanamiya Niina

Link Like Love Live Characters Cast 05

■ Hinshita Kaho – CV: Nirei Nozomi

Link Like Love Live Characters Cast 06

Link! Like! Love Live! Gameplay

While the app itself is primarily a game, Link Like Love Live serves more than just that and acts more closely to a multi-media app, as through this game you’ll be able to watch the members’ live broadcast, catch up on music CD releases, magazine updates, nd even watch live performances!

The core gameplay itself combines elements of a card music game with various live performances, a story mode, idol training stages and more. You’ll be able to grow your idol through these activities, raising their stats and helping them get more popular. The game also features a fully-voiced, 3D story featuring the girls.

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As mentioned previously since it has several multi-media functions, you’ll of course be able to watch the idols perform live, and can even send them messages of encouragement in concerts, and outside with the “WithxMeets” system!

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