Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2 – A Bite-Sized RPG Celebrating the Series


Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2 may be one of the lesser-known entries into Atlus’s famous franchise, but it certainly brings iconic strategic gameplay and notable demons to a more mobile adaptation right at your fingertips. The mobile app not only has its unique characters and stories but also contains impressive 3D models adding a modern touch to the legendary demons. Fans of both Shin Megami Tensei V and Persona 5 will feel right at home in this mobile JRPG, an entry paying tribute to its long history!

Excellent Adaption of the Series’ Renowned Gameplay

With the limited capabilities of a mobile device, it’s fully expected that gameplay features will be simplified. SMT: Liberation Dx2 goes against this expectation as its press-turn and MP mechanics are faithful representations of the series’ emphasis on strategy.

The player deploys a team of four demons to take on enemy waves, and each demon consumes Press Turn Icons to execute a skill or attack. Once all of the party’s Press Turn Icons are consumed, the turn switches over to the other party. 

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The Press Turn system is the bread and butter to combat, as whichever party can take advantage of it first can pick off problematic demons before the other side can even act! Landing an attack is highly encouraged, as doing so will only consume half a Press Turn Icon. Landing consecutive advantageous attacks can let you use up to 8 attacks or skills per turn!

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Casting Spells require MP, which slowly regenerates each turn. In the console games, MP was a resource that is provided to you from the get-go, but this format helps strengthen the strategic aspect of battle and prevents players from simply sweeping enemies aside at Turn 1. 

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A Simple Version of SMT in A Modern Setting

The story of SMT Liberation Dx2 centers around you, an ordinary civilian who gets caught up with the Liberators after getting caught up in a random demon attack. With no choice but to join this organization to defend yourself with the power of demons, you’ll wield your demons against the nefarious Acolytes to protect the people of Tokyo.

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SMT: Liberation Dx2 deviates from the world-focused storytelling prevalent in Shin Megami Tensei games, going for a more balanced approach. Not only can you play using your own character, but you can also control the other members of the Liberators; each has their own set of skills that help them stand out, and a backstory to learn more about. 

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Liberation Dx2’s story may not be the in-depth cosmic horror in SMT’s mainline installments, but the choice between Law and Chaos paths still exists. In fact, visiting the Alter-World will let you see a reality where the player character is the star of the show, and even participates in combat!

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Fuse Demons and Get Stronger!

SMT: Liberation Dx2 features the series’ iconic Fusion system, which allows you to create strong allies by using weaker demons. If you’re unable to obtain a 5-Star Demon from the gacha, don’t fret; you’ll be able to obtain one yourself through the fusion system!

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As a mobile game, a certain amount of longevity is expected to keep players engaged with the game. To this end, the player must also have enough Magnetite and a ‘Common’ Archetype Demon to enact the fusion; these kinds of demons must be fused and cannot be obtained from the gacha.

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Special fusions that use three or more Demons also require that at least one of the fused Demons is ‘Common.’ These demons range from gimmicks to downright overpowered, so all players are on the same playing field if they want to get their hands on these powerful allies.

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Returns to Its Root at the Aura Gate

Shin Megami Tensei’s claim to fame began as a humble dungeon crawler, with a first-person view and 2D sprites. You won’t see the latter in Liberation Dx2, but Aura Gate is there to bring a bout of nostalgia for early fans of the series.

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Exploring Aura Gate requires that you build two parties, and you won’t be able to heal yourself between fights as you navigate past hazards and enemies. Exploring this difficult, everchanging labyrinth will not only reward you with precious Magnetite, but you’ll even unlock a new character to use!

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Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2 is a Faithful Homage tothe Historic Series 

Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2 may not be the hundred-hour JRPG that mainline entries are known for, but the app is an acknowledgment of the franchise’s lengthy journey. Whether you are a fan or a newbie to the series, or even just a fan of mythology in general, you might be surprised by just how many demons this series features!

Players looking for battles that you can’t just bruteforce and need to plan for will be right at home in this game. All in all, you can’t go wrong with Liberation Dx2 if you’re looking for a valid JRPG to try out.

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